The Google app switches to full black mode for searches, wizard and discovery flow in the app [APK Download]


About a month ago, the Google application began to show the first signs of a dark mode implementation, but the users who had the design only saw it strewn in the Interface, in a kind of chimerical fashion mixing white elements, dark elements and unreadable text in many instances. Now, the appropriate dark mode appears for some users. All the interface is dipped in the dark, from the entire Google application to the wizard and all its settings.

The change is being deployed on the server side, but it seems to depend on the installation of the latest beta version of the Google application, v10.4.3 (APK Mirror). However, even if you get this version, you may not have the dark mode switch, so it's a lottery and all you can do is hope you're on the winning side.

The first thing you see is a notification when opening the Google app that indicates that the dark theme is turned on and you can turn it off in the settings. You will see that (again, if you have it) under More -> Settings -> General -> Dark theme. The available options include the choice to always enable or disable it, or to let it follow the system settings.

When this option is enabled, you'll notice that the entire Google app changes to dark gray, including the bottom tab, all your searches, and the In-App Discover feed (Check out the dark mode already supported in the launcher, when you go directly to the home screen, but this has not been included in the Google app so far), your collections, your recent searches and all settings.

All aspects related to Wizard are also hidden, from the popup window to the daily dashboard, through the Explorer section to discover new things to do and all the parameters of the wizard. You can admire all the screenshots below to find that almost no stone has been left without a sequel in the interface and that it seems quite ready for a deployment to large scale.

To try this for yourself, you must make sure to be on the Google 10.4.3 beta app (APK Mirror), then cross your fingers and hope to be part of the lucky few that are approved for the server side change. . I tried to clean the data and the application cache, to force the shutdown, to restart, but nothing worked for me.

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  • Nick Cipriani,
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  • Riley Sporle


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