The Google Clock app allows Pandora and YouTube Music to wake you up


While all Android clock apps have an integrated selection of alarms, some prefer to customize what they wake up to each day. Over time, however, you may become unresponsive to this all too familiar sound. Fortunately, the Google Clock app for Android applies spontaneously and randomly by allowing you to select a playlist or a Spotify album. With the latest version 6.1 update, you can also do the same with Pandora and YouTube music.

Of course, you can always try to change your alarm tone every day, but it would be ridiculously tedious. Especially if the favorite music you want to wake up to is not even stored on your phone. Few Clock apps integrate with streaming music services, but luckily Google protects you.

Once the latest Google Clock 6.1 application has been installed or updated on your Android phone, the addition of an alarm will inform you that a new "Wake to Music" option is available. The only requirement is that the service application be installed.

The same goes for Pandora, where you can see the stations you just read and the recommendations of the morning music service. As with Spotify, users will be able to select specific playlists, albums, recommendations, or songs.

Of course, the same restrictions apply to YouTube Music and Pandora accounts. In particular, this option will not be available for markets that do not have YouTube Music yet. On the Pandora side, only Premium subscribers will be able to search and select specific tracks and albums.

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