The Google product replaces the failed product, named after the failed product.

The Google product replaces the failed product, named after the failed product.

This is what happens when you search for "currants" on Google.

GOOGLE ANNOUNCED Google Currents, the company promised to replace Google+, which was launched earlier this month.

The most careful of you may have noticed that Google Currents already existed, but it was a different product, a replacement for Google Reader, an application that never needed to be replaced. Google Currents has long since disappeared (it has become Google Newsstand, then quite old Google News), but its name remains a way to create closed social networks for your organization.

Please, try to follow, do you want?

Google says the new currents "allow people to have meaningful discussions and interactions within your organization, which keeps everyone informed and gives managers the ability to communicate with their employees."

It just looks charming. The refurbished application has a familiar appearance: the material design is almost identical but with a little less red and "Currents" replaces "Google+" as a logo.

If this is important to you and you have a GSuite account in your organization, you can immediately request preview access and even forward your messages from Google+. However, only those linked to this account GSuite, your photos of this trip to Aruba have disappeared. and you have no one to blame except yourself, okay?

Google Currents offers many useful features. users can access detailed analytics for all their messages, and if you're a bit fat as cheese in the business, you can make sure your messages appear higher in the timeline for maximum visibility. If you plan to centralize your publications, you can designate the manager as a content administrator, giving them extensive access rights.

Google adds: "Currents connects employees to useful and relevant content that is relevant to their role and interests, and allowing employees to access relevant content keeps them in touch with the company and their business. creates more learning opportunities "

If you are interested, contact the team of [email protected] for early access. μ

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