The Governor of Oregon signs the first bill on rent control at the national level


Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) on Thursday signed a bill that creates mandatory statewide rent control.

The bill prohibits homeowners from increasing rent by more than 7% plus inflation each year and comes into effect immediately. This is the first statewide rent control law in the country.

"Every Oregonian should have access to housing choices that will allow them to flourish, as well as their families," tweeted Brown on video with his video signing the law. "Today, I signed the first nationwide rent control bill, bringing immediate relief to Oregon struggling to cope with rising rents."

The bill was passed in February by both chambers of the state legislature. The bill was widely supported by Democrats, who hold the majority in both houses, and opposed by Republicans.

The west coast has suffered from rising housing costs, which has led to an increase in the number of homeless people.

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