The head of NASA states that the United States is still aiming for a return of the moon by 2024, despite Trump Tweet


While NASA was striving to land astronauts on the moon by 2024, the head of the agency reminded employees today (June 10) that Mars – and not the moon – was the ultimate destination of the agency.

"The moon is not the destination.The moon is the gateway" for a possible human mission on Mars, said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine at a similar discussion at that of a city hall at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bridenstine also defended a controversial statement by President Donald Trump, who tweeted Friday, June 7: "NASA should NOT talk about going to the moon – we did it 50 years ago. to focus on much more important things than we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part). "

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While some have suggested that Trump was throw cold water on NASA's new plans (a program that the President he is initiated), reversing his own space policy and likely to confuse the moon of the Earth with the moons of Mars, Bridenstine proposed a more lenient interpretation of Trump's tweet.

Referring to Trump's claim that the moon is part of Mars, Bridenstine said: "we are going on the moon to get to Mars". Anyone who literally reads this tweet simply reads too far in this message, he added.

Bridenstine assumed that Trump's tweet was caused by a Fox Business TV segment, during which a discussion about NASA's plans terrestrial astronauts on the moon in 2024 debated on a debate as to whether human exploration of the moon is even valuable. "The moon is precious because it's a testing ground to get to Mars and that's exactly what the president has presented," Bridenstine said.

"We have to learn to live and work on another world," he said, adding that Moon exploration would give NASA the opportunity to demonstrate the technologies needed for the future. sending humans on Mars.

From NASA Lunar orbital platform, one of these technologies is a lunar space station proposal that will serve as a crossing point between the Earth and the lunar surface. "It's our access to Mars," he said. "Now, the first gateway will bring us to Mars? No, but we have to prove the technology."

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