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We have all been faced with the situation where the bidding has had the best of us. This is Sameer Saxena, the Chief Content Officer of the Viral Fever, who shares his story and motivates you to JUST DO IT.

Sameer Saxena is the content manager of The Viral Fever, namely TVF. He created the first series of permanent roommates in India in 2014. He also created series such as TVF Tripling and TVF's last original Web series, Yeh Meri Family. In addition to being a creator of these series, he has also been actor of series such as Roommates and TVF Pitchers. He also starred in videos like "One Day with TV Verma" from TVF "JAI.2-a Q-tiyapa Bollywood on Ra.One (* ing Tha.One)," Lage Raho Shetty Bhai: Blockbuster Qtiyapa "and" Man of Steel: Entrepreneurship Qtiyapa "Since his childhood, he has always wanted to get into the film industry and work." After graduating from IIT Bombay, he left his consulting job and started working in the film industry. film industry Making of DON 2. After his success, he launched TVF with his friends from IIT Bombay and launched the first video ROWDIES in 2011.

He is also accredited for giving the most popular Internet characters such as Mikesh aka Mikesh Bhaiya, TVF Tripling Chitvan.

The Viral Fever (TVF) is an online YouTube channel launched by TVF Media Labs in 2010 and currently owned and operated by Contagious Online Media. According to founder Arunabh Kumar, the idea behind the launch of TVF was to reach the younger generation, who rarely watched television for entertainment.

As of April 2018, the TVF network had 6 YouTube channels with over 10 million subscribers in total. TVF's properties include 6 channels, namely Viral Fever, Girliyapa, The Screen Patti, Timeliners, Funda Curry and TVF Machi. TVF has created many web series under the TVF Originals tag. The list includes series such as "The Making Of …", "Permanent roommates", "Barely Speaking with Arnub", "TVF Pitchers", "TVF Tripling", "Chai Sutta Chronicles", "Tech Conversations With Dad", & # 39; Bisht, Please! & # 39; & # 39; Humourously Yours', & # 39; FATHERS & # 39;, & # 39; Inmates & # 39; and & # 39; Bachelors & # 39; who interpret Bhuvan Bam in the lead.

Yeh Meri Family is the latest TVF web series showcasing the life of a family in the 90's. It stars
Papa – Akarsh Khurana
Mummy – Mona Singh
Dabbu – Ahan Nirban
Dhwani – Ruhi Khan
Harshu – Vishesh Bansal
3 of the 7 episodes are live on Youtuber and the 7 episodes are now being broadcast on the TVF app.

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  1. 1.Don’t crib about things and situations
    2.Try to find positivity in every situation
    3.Karna hai toh ek baar try Karlo aesa nahi hona chahiye ke ‘RAH GAYA YAAR’
    4.’inke saath kaam nahi karna ‘aesa hai toh kabhi aage nahi badh Paoge
    Thank you ? you made my day I am gonna write it down in my diary

  2. "Yeh Meri Family" is one show that I can over and over again. Also the songs, I can't get them out of my head. They are so fantastic and such a treat to watch. One of the best shows ever, everything fails in front of the shows you have made. This is and will be a masterpiece for a long time. Just to clarify I watch a lot of Youtube Shows, Amazon, Netflix and a ton of English shows but nothing can beat Permanent Roomates and "Yeh merry Life". Thanks a lot for making it possible.

  3. this guy, can be called damn lucky…its the FIRST BREAK that matters….aur bhai sahab ko tau EK DIN kanhi sae call aa gaya, wo bhi FARHAN AKHTAR ka….bola…kya tu karega, mainae kaha, kyon nahi………..bhai..kitto kae saath aisa hota hai…………with you bro…its pure luck………FIRST BREAK kae liyae tau duniya DHAKKE khaati hai………wo mil jaye tau , RASSI pakad aadmi kuch na kuch tau kar hi leta hai………

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