The husband is accused of murder following an overdose of death of a sick woman


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By Associated press

SEARLES, Minnesota – A Minnesota man accused of kidnapping his sick wife from a health center, taking her home and detaining what he described as a "holiday" of death "before his death was charged with murder.

Duane Johnson, 58, was charged with criminal negligence in the death of his wife, Debra Lynn Johnson, last January, at their home in Searles. The Brown County attorneys have now added a charge of third degree murder.

Duane Arden Johnson was charged with third degree murder after organizing a "Death Day" in honor of his ill wife, who subsequently died at their home on January 24, 2019.Brown County Sheriff's Office

Prosecutors said that Johnson had told investigators that he was keeping the promise made to his wife that he would not let her die in a retirement home when he returned her to a home. Transitional care facility against the advice of a doctor.

The authorities say that Johnson told them that he had given meth to his wife because she wanted to party before her death.

A criminal complaint indicates that the 69-year-old woman died of an overdose of methamphetamine.

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