The ideal rental would not be someone like Elon Musk

"Of course, I want the guy who understands his limits instead of the one who does not know it," Munger said. "On the other hand, I learned something extremely important in life … never underestimate the man who overestimates himself.These weird guys who overestimate themselves even sometimes hunt her from the park. "

So, while it's important not to neglect someone like Musk, who often sets impossible goals, Munger believes it's safer to surround yourself with people who know their stuff. limits.

"I do not want my personal life to be [around] a group of guys who live in a state of illusion, who sometimes manage to win big, "Munger told the Daily Journal's shareholders. I want the prudent person. "

Tesla did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comments Make It.

Munger's position is not at all surprising from a 95-year-old investor who values ​​stability and has earned billions of dollars, mostly looking for relatively secure long-term investments. Munger, and Buffett from elsewhere, did not get rich by taking the kind of risks that made Musk famous, betting that Tesla could compete with gigantic automakers by building a SpaceX aerospace company in order to transport humans. on Mars.

But Munger has had good things to say about Musk in the past. Last year, Munger told Yahoo Finance that Musk "is bold and brilliant, and he is swinging against fences".

"People like this are getting great results," Munger continued. "Sometimes they get some quick failures I do not have a clue how Elon Musk will become, but he has a considerable chance of success and a considerable chance of failure." He seems to like that . "

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