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The iPod Touch 2019 is a gateway of $ 200 to iOS 13 and Apple Arcade.


The new iPod Touch is an excellent gateway for the next iOS 13.

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Apple released a new iPod Touch for 2019 just a few weeks ago. It costs $ 200 and has a small, low resolution screen. If you already own an iPhone after the iPhone 5, there is no reason to even consider buying the iPod Touch. Probably the same case if you have a recent iPad. If, however, you have never owned a iOS the device or you have in the past and want to come back, at 200 USD, the iPod Touch is now the cheapest entry point.

In his review of the iPod Touch 2019, my colleague Patrick Holland very clearly explains why, despite its appeal to some consumers, most will want to ignore the iPod Touch. And although I can fully understand and subscribe to many of his arguments, I finally see it differently.

I am a strong supporter of the iOS, and especially the Apple App Store, for almost 11 years since the purchase of the iPhone 3G in 2008. It is There are two simple reasons for this: I like the interface and its evolution, and the selection of games and apps on the App Store has never disappointed me.

That's really it. I have an iPhone XS Max and I do not need the iPod Touch at all, but I am excited by those who use it. And here are three reasons why I think the iPod Touch is a bargain at $ 200.

Apple Arcade

Later this year, Apple will launch Apple Arcade, a subscription game service where you pay a monthly fee to play iOS games designed by some of the world's leading game developers. Personally, the most exciting for me are Annapurna Interactive, makers of Donut County, and Mistwalker, led by Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Apple expects to have 100 exclusive and non exclusive games for launch service, and others to come later. You will register for the service and will be able to download any Apple Arcade game of your choice, at no additional cost.

apple-fed-apple-arcade-apple-tv-ipad-iphone-pro-xs MacBook pro-03252019

Apple Arcade, on Mac, iPad and iPhone.


The best thing about this service for iPod Touch owners – who does not have a cellular connection, only Wi-Fi – is that each game will be playable offline. This means that if you are on the train or at the back of a carpool vehicle, you can play your games as you see fit.

A subscription will cost the same price for an individual or a family of six and will be compatible with iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

iOS 13

I'm not so excited about an iOS update since iOS 7, I think. It is at this point that Apple has set up the "flat" appearance of the application icons. With iOS 13 it's Dark mode that has me the most stunned.

Honestly, it's just the fact that dark mode will be a purposefully designed feature – not just a color inversion – It looks cool in the screenshots that caught my eye.

redesigned reminders-ios-app-13

Dark Mode is coming …

Screenshot by David Carnoy / CNET

In addition, iOS 13 will also bring a newly designed camera interface and editing options as well Connect with Apple to allow users to connect to apps and sites on their iPod Touch using their AppleID ID instead of their email address, which, according to Apple, will prevent them from being tracked online and receiving targeted ads permanently.

AR becomes more real

The iPod Touch will work with AR apps in the App Store. This includes the iOS app, Measured, which allows you to virtually measure things in the real world by giving you a truly flexible digital ruler. Pokemon Go or the highly anticipated and highly anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the AR becomes something of a thing. And although it does not excite me at the beginning, the more useful applications like Measure that I find are numerous, the more I become a believer.

measure ios-app-12

A practical AR is the best AR.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

To be sure, you will need a more powerful device to take advantage of some of the top-of-the-line AR applications, but for a simple measure and for the search of Pokemon, the new iPod Touch can handle it.

Bonus: he has a headphone jack

Yes. You can use Bluetooth headphones or connect your headphones to this 3.5mm jack on the bottom edge, as we did before.

It interests you or not, so nothing else needs to be said here.

Do it!

Or not. I mean, the Touch is not for everyone, but it's pretty cheap and offers enough current features, as well as strategic future tests to make your money worth it, if you decide to take the plunge.

$ 163


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