The Irish football team apologizes after simulating the death of its own player


An Irish football team is excused after simulating the death of its own player. Ballybrack FC apologized to supporters Tuesday after the team announced to the league that one of his players had died on Friday.

The team reportedly told the Leinster Senior League that one of its players, Fernando Nuno La Fuente, had died. The team's match against Arklow Town, scheduled to take place on Saturday, was canceled as a result of this news.

The league even observed a minute of silence for La Fuente during the weekend games, according to the Irish Times.

La Fuente, however, was not dead. After some research, the league became suspicious, President David Moran told RTÉ Sport.

"We were told that he had been repatriated by plane on Saturday. Right away, this sounded the alarm for us. How would you like to die early Friday morning and be repatriated to Spain on Saturday?

"It started to deteriorate then. We rang and we could not get an answer (the club).

"We checked the hospitals, we checked everywhere. Nobody could find anything about this young man. Obviously, some of his teammates published information on social networks, saying that he had returned to Spain four weeks ago. "

The league does not believe that this is an honest mistake. The Leinster Senior League believes Ballybrack FC has announced its decision to withdraw from Saturday's match. Moran called this move "extreme" and "ridiculous".

The league has opened an investigation into this matter.

In his apology, Ballybrack FC said a person from the team "who has experienced serious personal difficulties without the knowledge of all the other members of the club, "said the league's death. This person was relieved of his duties, according to the team.

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