The Jussie Smollett case will be presented to the grand jury


Jussie Smollett

Case for the Grand Jury …

Comment from MAGA because Trump people do not look at the Empire

17/02/2019 11:59 PST


A grand jury will hear the Jussie Smollett deal at the beginning of next week … police sources say to TMZ

Law enforcement officials who participated in the investigation told TMZ that the two brothers, who were arrested and then released, remained somewhere in the vicinity of the Loop in downtown Chicago, under the watchful eye of the police, so that no one can reach them. We are told that the police want to make sure that Jussie does not contact the brothers.

We are told when the police raided at home of the two brothers, they found magazines whose pages had been torn up, and the authorities are now trying to determine if the missing pages are related to the threatening letter that had been sent to Jussie 8 days before the alleged attack.

Our sources say that very early, they asked Jussie when he was signing complaints against the two men who had attacked him and it was clear that he would do it. But when he found out that the two brothers were the ones in custody we were told that he said they know them, feel bad for them and refused to sign the complaints.

Our sources say that although the police believe that the brothers bought the rope that was around Jussie's neck after the incident, there is no video surveillance at the hardware store as it s & # 39; Erases after one week.

We were told that the way they tracked down the two brothers was due to their movements arriving and leaving the scene around Jussie's building. As we pointed out, they left either in a taxi or in an Uber, but we were told that police had followed the vehicle and that the two brothers had gone home and had taken another vehicle. As one source says: "It was almost like a bad spy movie".

Sources say that there was red flags from the start. The cops were extremely suspicious when Jussie took them to the area where he said he had been attacked, he pointed to an obscure camera saying how happy he was that the attack was being filmed. It turns out that the camera was headed in the wrong direction. The cops found it odd that he knew the location of this camera.

And there is that. We are told that the investigators did not believe the 2 alleged attackers shouted"This is the MAGA country" because "not a single Trump supporter watches the" Empire "".

And some outstanding details … We are told that when the cops recovered the 2 brothers at the airport O. Hare, the police were armed with 3 warrants for each man, one of which was to seize their phones.

We are also told that there is no video of a "repeat" of the attack on the street.

Jussie and her lawyer vehemently denied that the attack had been organized, claiming that it was a hate crime.

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