The killing of the runner's wild cougar is confirmed



As mountain lions can weigh up to 180 kilos, few people have been killed by humans without claws of the same size. Now, an autopsy helps explain how Travis Kauffman, 150 pounds, managed the incredible self-defense feat last month, reports the Coloradoan. His assailant was 3 to 4 months old, which led him to be labeled a "mountain lion kitten" by state veterinarians. You can, however, erase any perception of kindness. The alleged man probably weighed between 35 and 40 pounds at the time of the February 4 attack. The results are not a surprise: officials have previously described the cat as a teenager and Kauffman said that he feared that the animal's mother would also attack him. The authorities have recovered the carcass and believe that the siblings of the animal have recovered, reason for which they are not certain of his sex.

The necropsy also confirms the story of Kauffman, 31, who allegedly killed the animal by hitting his neck after striking his head with a rock. Denver Post. The cause of death is listed as "probably multifactorial, including blunt trauma and strangulation". Specifically, the report cites bruises at the top of the animal's head and bleeding from the larynx and trachea. Attacked from behind while he was running on a trail, Kauffman needed 19 stitches on the left cheek, six on the nose and three on the wrist. It is here that Kauffman stated that the lion was hanging after emerging from pine needles. To avoid similar attacks, the brothers and sisters of the animal were taken from the area and placed in a rehabilitation center. State wildlife officials said the animals had to gain weight before they could be released back into the wild. (Kauffman went to the hospital.)

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