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The Kingdom Hearts 3 director confirms that the DLC is in progress


Downloadable free and paid content is on the way.

By Colin Stevens

Director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that free downloadable content is being prepared for Kingdom Hearts 3.

In an interview with the Japanese publication Dengeki Online (via Google Translate), Nomura revealed that free downloadable content would likely come to the game in the form of incremental updates as it was completed. 2019. Such a free update may include a Critical Mode difficulty level.

Paid downloadable content would probably enrich the story, possibly providing details about characters that may not have been fully explored in the main game. [SPOILER WARNING] For example, when asked about the renewal of the Xion character, Nomura said that it could be described in future DLC documents. [/SPOILER].

Although no specific Kingdom Hearts 3 DLCs have been announced, we have revealed what we would like to see as downloadable content, including characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Final Fantasy, etc. DLC seems to be obvious for Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts 3 being sold more than 5 million copies during its first week, becoming the best selling game of January 2019.

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