The Lakers "remain aggressive" in the draw of Anthony Davis, the Pelicans would like an agreement "well before" the project of the NBA 2019


The Anthony Davis draw is in full swing and Adrian Wojnarowski's latest report from ESPN suggests that an agreement could be reached as soon as possible.

In an appearance on SportsCenter Tuesday, Wojnarowski stressed the urgency of New Orleans negotiating Davis before the NBA draft and the desire of the Lakers to become the team that will end up with the superstar:

"(The pelicans) would like to reach an agreement before the project next Thursday. New Orleans is engaged with several teams right now. The Lakers remain aggressive here to try to reach an agreement. "

Logically, it makes sense for Pelicans to move as quickly as possible, even though Pelicans Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, David Griffin, says his team will not rush. The value of Davis is only decreasing, the team that acquires it wanting the maximum time to convince Davis to sign again as a free agent next summer. In addition, New Orleans would probably like to know which players and which selections it acquires before the NBA Draft in order to select its favorite players on June 20th.

For the Lakers, the sooner they can acquire Davis, the sooner they will be able to clear the stink of the deadly lethal season that they have had until now. Having Davis in hand would also be an extremely valuable recruiting tool for the current free agent class, which features several superstar level talents. There is also concern that Griffin and the Pelicans may be cold-blooded and change their minds as the process progresses, which means it's important for the Lakers to reach an agreement while New Orleans is always ready.

Although both teams are in favor of an exchange by the end of the week, the deal will likely be completed only after the qualifying session, in order to allow Los Angeles to win as much cap space as possible. The recent agreement with the Nets-Hawks (Allen Crabbe salary transfer) announced on June 6 will only be technically complete after the start of the next league year.

The fact that the Lakers officially had Davis before the start of the franchise period with June 30 is a dubious point, however, as long as the details of the trade have already been decided. There is every reason to believe that pelicans want to reach an agreement and that the Lakers are their most willing and aggressive trading partner.

We have already taken this route, but the execution of the transactions is much easier during the off season than towards the middle of the year. Nevertheless, as long as Davis does not have a podium at El Segundo, it will be hard to believe that an exchange with the Lakers will actually happen this time.

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