The last collaboration between Fortnite and Weezer


Promote the release of their thirteenth studio, Weezer collaborated with Epic Games to produce a custom map for Fortnite called Weezer World. The card launched with season 8 of the game and can be found as a predefined area within the game. Minecraftas creative mode. The map is the first place where you can hear four new songs from the new band Black Album, which is played from a jukebox on the island.

The obvious comparison to draw here is with Marshmallow, whose game is Fortnite concert took over the entire Fortnite for 10 minutes last month. However, for Weezer, this collaboration is only the latest in a long series of Internet experiments that the group has been trying over the years.

In 2002, the band allowed fans to download unfinished versions of songs from their fourth studio album. Clumsy and give them comments. Then, in 2008, the group's first video clip Red album presented scores of young internet celebrities restoring their viral videos. Even the 1994 single "Buddy Holly" was partially promoted by including his video on the Windows 95 installation CD.

Yes, FortniteThe latest collaboration does not promote the release of a massive new film like Avengers: war in the infinite, or Wreck it Ralph. But if Weezer's past Internet experiences are something to do, do not mention a charming tweet from Rivers Cuomo himself"Weezer World" is not quite the cynical ad that it seems to be.

* This is a joke. I'm sorry fans of Weezer.

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