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Welcome to the caravans of the week: Holy Crap, they finally gave up the official Game of thrones Trailer! edition. Yes, HBO revealed the first clips of the last season of the show, a doozy filled with destruction. We also had visions of the long-repressed Aretha Franklin movie, finally in the movie theaters, a new televised crime anthology, new superhero movies, Amazon's adaptation of a beloved cult novel, biopics, fake biopics, large comedies and more. Dig in it.

L & # 39; act
We know, we know: What, another series of true crime anthologies ?! With the exception of Hulu's last contribution to the genre – which covers the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard -, Patricia Arquette is the victim and The cabin kissingJoey King in the role of his revenge daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Murder, Munchausen syndrome by proxy and online contract killing all the factors of history. The trailer gives a pretty salacious aspect to all the shebang, assuming you can handle many consecutive episodes of this stuff. First on March 20th.

amazing Grace
In 1972, Aretha Franklin gave two gospel concerts in a LA church. The recording of these shows is considered one of the greatest live albums of all time. Sydney Pollack's film on broadcasts, however, was deemed unfit for public consumption by Mrs. Franklin herself, and she almost sued the producers as they planned to enter a film festival there. few years ago. Now the public will finally have the chance to see it – and trust us when we tell you it's even better than you might have heard. Prepare to hear the voice of an angel and see the face of God come on April 5th.

The second glimpse of this next horror / superhero combo – whoever asks the question, and whether he wondered if this terrifying high school psychopath was a pubescent Superman – is not for the fierce. (This quick photo of someone pulling the glass out of his eyeball makes us shudder again.) It also highlights the ghoulish appearance of the concept, with hints that a wreckage of a plane without survivors Is that kids play a bored afternoon for this super-powered teenager with a chip on his shoulder. Elizabeth Banks plays both the roles of Mom and Final Girl in one leap; The young actor Jackson A. Dunn really gives this child the feeling of being a monster. It opens on May 24th.

Game of thrones: The last season
A ship filled with troops led by Jamie Lannister. A flaming sword. Arya Stark speaks of death "having many faces". John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, riding side by side. Cersei Lannister drinks vino and looks like "haha, all my infamous plans come true!" Dragons – oh, there are a lot of dragon plans. What seems to be a battle scene covered with a thick red dust. Worried to the inhabitants and soldiers of Westeros. And then, the freakin 'horse's hoof' Night King. You are going to watch this trailer a thousand times and you still want April 14 in five minutes.

Good omens
Even if you have not read Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's beloved romance about an angel and a devil trying to stop Armageddon, you have every reason to be thrown to jazz about this upcoming Amazon show. . Michael Sheen plays the heavenly emissary; David Tennant plays the Hellspawn; they must both find the Antichrist, who left M.I.A. only a few days before the end of everything is supposed to fall. Classic A.C. move! If that's not enough, this clip also teases a huge demon, huge plays and Jon Hamm. May 31st.

Late at night
Mindy Kaling repeats his own affirmations, then gets hit with a bag of garbage. Emma Thompson is a pretty confusing television presenter who compares a writer's new baby to a debilitating drug problem. (The trailer also contains a montage of his firing people.) If you laughed at the thought of this little piece of physical comedy or the notion of Sense and sensitivity star refusing to play nicely with others, you will surely love this comedy at work that Amazon Studios has bought at Sundance at a price comparable to the GNP of a small country. June 7th.

Yes, there is a little over a year that filmmaker Ari Aster has abandoned his classic modern horror Hereditary on an unsuspecting public; yes, he has already done a follow-up and this film also looks terrifying. The cryptic teaser suggests that Little drummer/Fight with my family Star Florence Pugh attends what appears to be a nine-day Scandinavian festival, with all the flowers, flowers and spring festivities. Faster than you can say "Has anybody seen The wicker man perhaps? "Things go from fun-pagan to perverse and scary. The right placeWilliam Jackson Harper and Black Mirror: BandersnatchWill Poulter costar. It will be released in theaters this summer, or rather "summary".

Think for a moment, if you will, to the supreme irony that this Golden Age DC Comics character (his first appearance was in 1939) originally called for Captain Marvel; had to change his name to Shazam in 1972 because another company (let's call them "Marvel") had borrowed the name of one of their characters, then shouted brand conflict; and the debut of the character on DCEU on the big screen now have to follow a Captain Marvel movie a little over a month later. Once you've thought about it, take a look at this second trailer of the next superhero movie, in which Billy Batson meets a wizard, utters the magic word, turns into a guy in panties, and so on. Zachary Levi for having the beef cake and the comic relief. In addition, there is 33% more Mark Strong in this one. Open April 5th.

Someone of great
"We have been together for nine years," said a journalist (Gina Rodriguez), talking about the relationship between her and her boyfriend (Lakeith Stanfield). Then, this journalist is offered to work for the magazine of her dream across the country, and suddenly it's Splitsville. Depressed and sorry, she plans a last big party in New York. The trailer of this original Netflix movie describes it as a "comedy / romance / breakup film", which means the clip has tears, embraces, interrupts in the voiceover, is getting ready for a night out, drinking alcohol, female ties and Questlove and RuPaul appearances. This is somehow the ideal way to sell this seal. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the woman who brought you Sweet / Vicious. April 19th.

The first Fox Searchlight trailer for this site J.R.R. Tolkien's biopic, a few weeks ago, has taken a freer approach to mixing the harsh reality and fantasy of escape from history. This second clip, however, seems to squarely target future Oscar voters. So many tony English rooms and hot looks between Nicholas Hoult's young Tolkien and Lily Collins's Edith Bratt! So many announcements or war, and young men in uniform are once again in the breach! So many bike rides in the old university lanes! And yes, of course, the occasional fire-breathing dragon. It opens on May 10th.

Wild nights with Emily
"Emily" as in Emily Dickinson – now out of the chain, out of her brilliant mind and played by none other than SNL veteran Molly Shannon. See Emily write! And cook the spice bread! And propose Brett Gelman as a substitute for every odious man! to do passionately with his true love, his sister-in-law Susan (Susan Ziegler)! A banal biopic, that's not it. Will see Tolkien for that. April 12th.

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