The latest highlight of Tua Tagovailoa’s off-season training


Amid all the impending changes to be made to the Miami Dolphins in the coming month, one that looks set to stay the same is Miami’s starting quarterback status. Tua Tagovailoa appears to be taking this responsibility to heart – often seen on social media with new intensity after his 2020 offseason was largely devoted to rehabilitating a dislocated hip that prematurely ended his college career.

Whether it’s throwing sessions or sweltering practice in South Florida, Tagovailoa has apparently had a little taste of everything so far this offseason. But this? It’s new.

Tagovailoa was recently put in the spotlight in a complex exercise that tests both body and mind – working on balance, hand-eye coordination and core strength in one stroke. Think of it as a riskier version of patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

Seeing the constant spikes behind the curtain of Tagovailoa’s training routine should offer a lot of inspiration to Dolphins fans hoping to see him live up to his No.5 pick status in the 2020 NFL Draft. Yes, the Tagovailoa’s fitness will help. The same will be true for the exit of offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who never really seemed to agree with Tagovailoa during his rookie season in 2020.

If Tagovailoa can make the same kind of gains in his pre-snap process and read the progressions he seems to be making from a physical standpoint, 2021 will be a much more exciting and productive year for the young quarterback. Between his own improvements and the improvements in the roster around him offensively, there will be plenty of opportunities for that big “second year” leap that so many coaches and general managers hope to see from the young quarterbacks.

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