The latest MTA rate increase has just begun


MTA in New York: Take a hike.

The latest rate increase for the cash-strapped agency began at 12:01 pm Sunday.

Weekly unlimited-distance MetroCards increased by 3% from $ 32 to $ 33, while the cost of an unlimited 30-day pass increased by 5% from $ 121 to $ 127.

The single strokes remained at $ 2.75, but the straphangers lost the 5% MetroCard bonus they'd earned by buying at least two attractions.

The members of the MTA Board of Directors approved the increases in February.

Andrew Saul, dissenting board member, sneered at the time: "The runners are having themselves."

"It's a bloated bureaucracy," Saul said. "This thing is full of rubbish. . . I think it's an absolute mistake to put this thing on runners. "

Prior to the vote, Lisa Daglian, Director of the MTA Citizens' Standing Advisory Committee, also stated that "since the majority of commuters – regular users of the system – benefit from discounts, their fares will actually increase, while casual and tourists will not feel any pain. "

"We do not think it's in the best interest of the runners everyday," said Daglian.

MTA Chairman Pat Foye said at Wednesday's board meeting that the rate increases were below the rate of inflation.

The Straphangers talked about social media hikes, which were given the green light after the January promise not to raise rates.

"Great … the price increase is worth it, because the subways are perfect and I must never take a taxi because I am blocked by a train that stops driving without notice," tweeted Jen from Brooklyn.

Avina Vega of Manhattanite wrestling Saturday: "It looks like it's time to do a FARE RIKE this Sunday !!

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