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The leak of Google Pixel 4 shows the phone from every angle

Google has already leaked an image of Pixel 4 itself, and we can now explain why it has been shown only from the back.

What could be the first real photo of Google's next flagship phone appeared on Slashleaks (via BGR), and this design does not look like a stunner.

From the outset you will notice that the bezel surrounding the screen (the front) is thick and houses two front cameras. The bezel or chin of the bottom are a little too big but not as much as the top.

The back of this presumed photo of Pixel 4 shows a square hump for the camera and the flash. This arrangement looks like what is expected of the Apple iPhone 11. What's not clear, is how much this bump stands out from the rest of the design.

You can also set a power button and a volume toggle on the right side of the handset. Thus, any rumor that you would have heard of a Pixel 4 without buttons could be superfluous.

When you look at other high-end phones, such as the OnePlus 7 Pro and its full-screen design, it's hard not to see this Pixel 4 image as dark. Again, you do not have to worry about a contextual camera or worry about breaking it in time.

However, other smartphone makers like Oppo and Xiaomi are going from the front with no-cache phones that hide the front camera under the screen. This is a more elegant way to abandon the notch and / or the front. Samsung is working on a similar technology, but it should not arrive in time for the Galaxy Note 10.

To be honest, this is not the most flattering photo. The lighting is rather bad. And there is also a chance that it is not a legitimate image at all. But if this image is legitimate, it will remind us once again that Google tends to excel in software and not in hardware.

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