The leaks are in the minds of fans, but the laughs are at the rendezvous – Deadline


One of the most anticipated TV finals is just hours away and fans are intensifying their enthusiasm online by tracking down false information and parodies, playing on the emotional chains of people who JUST CAN WAIT to see the last episode of tonight.

No one really knows who will claim the Iron Throne, which characters will survive, and how will the many threads accumulated over the eight seasons be played out. There will probably be unanswered questions, and there is already a negative reaction among those who said they were saddened by the end of their favorite show.

But be of heart, fans. George R. R. Martin, the creator of the series, said three spinoffs from Game of thrones move "nicely" in the HBO pipeline. And the author himself has not yet completed the last two books promised in the series, deepening his knowledge and perhaps answering some outstanding questions that will emerge from the conclusion of the current series.

In the meantime, here are some fun articles that have appeared to fill this gap:

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