The LeBron James Lakers in Los Angeles are not favored for the playoffs at the Westgate Westgate SuperBook


Betting on LeBron James for the playoffs has always been a wise (and profitable) decision. Since he's missed the playoffs in his first two seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James's teams have competed in the playoff series 13 times in a row.

But will his Los Angeles Lakers participate in the playoffs this season?

A bookmaker from Las Vegas gives you another chance to post your opinion by placing a bet on the break of the match of the stars.

The Westgate SuperBook Las Vegas reopened Friday's odds on a betting deal if the Lakers qualified for the playoffs, with the "yes" and "no" tied at -110.

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"As the deadline for trade is over and next week's break is due to the All-Star Game, this accessory is becoming polarized," said Jeff Sherman, vice president of risk at The SuperBook at ESPN. "This is a topic of major interest considering the Lakers record at this point of the season."

The SuperBook opened the odds on the Lakers for the playoffs before the season with the yes strongly favored at -450 (the no was +350). Although 59% of punters thought the James Lakers would be ready to miss the playoffs, more than 83 percent of the money was on the yes. This was heavily influenced by a bettor who bet $ 50,000 on yes at -500 odds, for a potential profit of $ 10,000.

The Lakers were eliminated by -600 favorites at Westgate for the playoffs.

"You have to decompress and get away from the game," James told reporters on Tuesday after Los Angeles' last defeat. "These guys will have a lot more time than me, of course, I'll be back in two days, but refresh yourself, do you think, put your body in order." Come back with the idea that we're He will make the playoffs. "

At 28-29, the Lakers are below .500 for the first time since 5-7 November, they were 5-6. They are currently in 10th place in the Western Conference standings, three games behind the LA Clippers for the eighth and final place finals. As Dave McMenamin noted, it's the last of a season that a team led by James has a record of less than .500 since the Cavaliers finished their rookie season. 35 -47 in 2003-04.

The SuperBook will lower the accessory when the regular season resumes Thursday.


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