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The LEGO Skywalker boom reveals a new look at the Knights of Ren

Star Wars The Skywalker Ride Helmet Kylo Ren Driver Adam Colin Trevorrow Edge Galaxy Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker is around the corner and a new LEGO figure reveals a new look at one of the Knights of Ren.

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The Knights of Ren have barely been seen in the new Star wars trilogy. Introduced in Star Wars: The awakening of the forceRen's knights were followers of the Dark Side of the Force, led by Snoke and Kylo Ren. While Ren's Knights did not appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, they are ready to go into The rise of Skywalker.

MimbanMudgang, a Reddit user, has released a photo revealing the head of a new LEGO figure that appears to be the helmet of one of Ren's Knights. Check it out!

It's the Lego leak season, StarWarsLeaks boys

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Fans have theorized, and The last Jedi may have teased, the Ren Knights as Jedi alumni of Luke Skywalker. These former students would forbid Kylo Ren to eradicate the rest of the Jedi and follow Snoke to the dark side. None of the official films have confirmed it, but this has been strongly suggested.

Ren's Knights will play a role in The rise of Skywalker. Earlier in March, photos showing several Ren's Knights on the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie were released. Each of them seems to be draped in dark clothes and some sort of masked helmet, but they do not all seem to have the same design. Here is a preview of the photo, where the comparison of the Lego figure was made:

What do you think of the LEGO Knights of Ren's head? Could this suggest that they are even more involved in the new movie? Are you eager to learn more about Ren Knights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Under the direction of J. J. Abrams, Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker star Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong's, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, Billie Heavy, Naomi Ackie, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Ian McDiarmid and Billy Dee Williams.

Carrie Fisher will appear under the name of General Leia Organa thanks to the use of unpublished sequences made for Star Wars: The awakening of strength.

Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker will be released on December 19, 2019.

Stay tuned to heroic Hollywood for more Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker news as it is published.

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Here's everything we learned at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Star Wars 2019 Celebration Poster Luke Skywalker Darth Vader Princess Leia EmperorStar Wars Celebration Chicago has been an explosion and now that it has passed, we have the record of the most important events of the convention.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago just ended and we were lucky enough to attend and see all the incredibly cool things that Galaxy Far Far Away has in store for us. The convention was rich in events because a ton of announcements were made and we got the scoop for you here if you missed some of it. At Stars Celebration, we attended a panel of different panels, including Star Wars: Episode IXGalacty's Edge, Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order and The mandalorian.

You can click "Next" to find out everything about Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Rey Star Wars rise from Skywalker lighstaber

The biggest thing to break out of the convention is the Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer. The panel of the last installment of the Skywalker saga allowed us to take a first look at the film and its official title. Star Wars: Episode IX will be titled Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker and it looks so damn good. The first trailer revealed new eyes on Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver in the film. He also revealed that Ian McDiarmid would return as Emperor Palpatine. The appearance of the film shouts J.J. Abrams and I think that fans of the franchise will be extremely excited for the future of Star wars.

You can see the first official trailer of The Rise of Skywalker here.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars Episode IX

On the second day of Star Wars Celebration Chicago, Disney unveiled a new cool look at its Star Wars Park and its new First initiative, focused on technological advances. During the panel, some of the rides were viewed, including The millennium hawk: the smugglers' race and Rise of resistance. Smugglers race let the participants control the Falcon and you will be able to see the complete ship in all its splendor at the spaceport. Meanwhile, Rise of resistance Put yourself face to face with Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren and BB-8. You will also be able to cope with the First Order. Galaxy's Edge will be a totally immersive park and there will even be an app that will allow you to unlock hidden features called Play. You can buy costumes and create your own lightsaber at the park for a totally immersive experience. As for food and beverages, there will be blue and green milk as well as an assortment of food specially designed for the park, including new fresh bottles for Coca-Cola products. There will also be some familiar voices and sounds when Frank Oz returns to his role in Yoda, DJ Rex from Star Tours will be on the 1 and 2 at Cantina and John Williams will compose new music for the park. Everything we saw from the park was beautiful and I think we are at a time when this park could hit Westworld levels.

Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Order Fallen Cal

Once the panel of the Galaxy Edge ended, we were able to consult the panel of the next big video game of the saga Star Wars. Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order should be a breath of fresh air for fans as it is a story to a player centered on a character. This character is called Cal and he is a former Padawan who survived the 66th Order. The trailer revealed the Inquisitors and the new Purge Troopers. Shameless and Gotham Star Cameron Monaghan brings Cal to life. He even came on stage and surprised all the fans present. What has been shown in the game looks pretty good and we were told that it will be in stores in November 2019.

You can check out the first official trailer of Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order right here.

The mandalorian

The Mandalorian Star Wars Pedro Pascal

Nothing during the celebration has more shocked the crowd than the panel of The mandalorian. Kathleen Kennedy, Dave Filoni and the creator Jon Favreau came on stage and we were not ready for what was going to happen. Favreau presented a great feature and premiere of the official footage of the series featuring the main character of Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers and many others. What they have revealed is beautiful and the series presents some of the best cinematographic images I have ever seen in the Star Wars universe. The actors came on stage and revealed key details about their characters, including concepts, photos and names. Gina Carano will play a former Shocktrooper rebel named Cara Dune, a force to be reckoned with. Carl Weathers is on board as Greef Carga, a character who leads a bounty hunter guild. He is looking for someone to attack a product and finds Pascal's Mandalorian. Before the end of the panel, Jon Favreau unveiled a 5 minute scene and a short sizzle movie with a brutal, bloody and disgusting look at the show.

The future of Star Wars

Rian Johnson Star Wars Knives Out The Last Jedi The Skywalker Rise

Episode IX marks the end of the Skywalker saga and that means fans are officially considering the future of Star wars. Game of thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are working in their own corner of the galaxy and fans are even speculating that their films will take place at the time of the Knights of the Old Republic. In a recent interview, Kathleen Kennedy, head of Lucasfilm, said Weiss and Benioff would work in tandem with Rian Johnson on their new film series. As you all know, Rian Johnson is working on a new trilogy of films that will be separated from the Benioff and Weiss projects. So it makes sense that they work together to flesh out the universe. After The rise of Skywalker, be on the lookout for a minor break for Star wars Lucasfilm is starting to develop two new film series.

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