The Lenovo C330 won the award from the most sought after AP last year when we reviewed it for many good reasons. Of course, you do not get a 4K display, a quad-core Intel processor or 16GB RAM, but Lenovo has managed to cut precisely the right corners to achieve what we considered an incredible price. Few cheap Chromebooks come with an IPS display, solid build quality, or a touchpad that's just as nice. And for the moment, the largest 64GB version only costs $ 220 at Amazon, B & H and Newegg. This represents $ 80 on the suggested retail price and $ 30 on recent prices.

The Chromebook contains 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a MediaTek quad-core SoC (MTK8173C), an 11.6 "IPS 720p display, a 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, a 45Wh battery with a capacity of 10 hours, and even a USB -This port for charging. These 64GB may seem a bit too much when it's a Chromebook, but you have to remember that it works well with Android apps and that this extra space is very useful if you plan to fill it with It even has Linux support now.

Now, as a budget Chromebook, you should not expect that it rivals high-end devices like the Google Pixelbook. The MediaTek SoC will not amaze you, the keyboard was just a bit too deep for my taste, and the display is dark and 720p – it's not the most impressive PPI for an 11.6-inch display. Yet at $ 220, it's a awesome treat.

We found that the C330 was cheaper at $ 180 last year, but it was for the 32GB model and not for the upgraded 64GB SKU. As one of the few Android Police Chromebooks to earn our most sought after price, we are able to recommend the Lenovo C330, especially at just $ 220. Whether you want a cheap laptop for the kitchen and the coffee table, or something basic for your kids or your grandparents, it's a good price for a good choice.