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The liberalism of Megan Rapinoe spoils the victory of the Women's World Cup

While the US National Football Team celebrated its World Cup victory with a parade of New York City parades on Wednesday morning, Fox News host Howard Kurtz said: is complaining that the captain, Megan Rapinoe, had spoiled a "big gathering moment" by not loving President Donald Atout.

Appearing on Fox American press room, the MediaBuzz The host reacted to Rapinoe's interview on Tuesday night with CNN, in which the Golden Ball winner accused Trump of excluding "people of color" and the LGBT community with his "Make America Great Again" message.

Kurtz criticized Rapinoe for "adopting a nearly all-out divisional approach" and lamented that the victory could "be this marvelous moment of unification" for America before hitting the captain again. # 39; team.

"But she's just constantly giving interviews to dissolve Donald Trump, the White House, the national anthem," said Kurtz, a former editorialist for the Daily Beast. "I think it's a pity. She is happy to accept an invitation to go on the hill of [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], but really attack the president. "

Co-presenter Bill Hemmer then took the floor, wondering why Rapinoe – who is openly gay – thinks the president is excluding people like her, saying that she's actually raised only one thing. only one problem: equal pay.

"She is very liberal and does not support this president," said Kurtz. "She uses the platform, I'm sorry to say it, but spoil or ruin or mess up what could have been a great unifying moment."

Hemmer then asked, "What other players think," wondering if "they would like to go to the White House" and saying we "do not really hear about them".

Before the World Cup final, player Alex Morgan said the team would make a collective decision as to whether they would go to the White House. During his interview with CNN, Rapinoe, who already said she would not go to the "fucking White House" – said that every teammate she talked to said "do not go there", insisting that they do not want their flat either "co-opted and corrupted" by Trump.

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