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The lies behind the defense of abortion

While Alabama and Georgia passed laws restricting or virtually prohibiting abortion, attacks poured in from all angles. As varied as these attacks were, there was one common theme: dishonesty and lying.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, wrote on Twitter, "Alabama lawmakers make all abortions a crime punishable in prison, including women victims of rape + incest."

Whether intentional or not, this viral tweet (retweeted 16,000 times) clearly implies that the bill will punish mothers who undergo an abortion. That's wrong, and it's a fairly standard lie for abortion advocates.

Some of the attacks are newer. One of the increasingly popular attacks is that abortion opponents are not trying to save lives but are simply trying to harm women and control their lives.

"The movement is anti-woman", liberal-lawyer-scholar tweeter became resistance Laurence Tribe wrote about pro-life. Liberal columnist New York Times Jamelle Bouie wrote among the pro-life in Alabama and Georgia, their ultimate goal is to restore an imaginary past and restore rigid hierarchies between the sexes and races.

Liberal commentator David Klion told David French, who is pro-life, argues that French is legal "because you hate women and want them to die more."

All this is based on the lie that only men are interested in restricting abortion.

According to a poll by Pew in 2014, Alabamans believe that abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, with a margin of 58% to 37%. It's obviously not just men. The latest national survey found that majority support for men and women in bills banning abortion after the baby's heartbeat was detectable, with no statistically significant difference between men and women.

The bill was drafted and introduced by Representative Terri Collins, a woman legislator. It was signed by Governor Kay Ivey, a woman. This reflects the political preferences of most women in Alabama.

In this perspective, consider the arguments of men like Tribe, Bouie, Klion and dozens of others. Either they lie by claiming that all women support legalized abortion, or they explain to most women in Alabama: Oh God, you just think you care about the life of the unborn child, but in reality you want the state to control the lives and bodies of women.

Many lies in the defense of abortion are decades old.

Advocates of abortion have long claimed that this is necessary to combat overcrowding. This myth has been broken, while the number of births has decreased in the United States and abortion has declined over the last decade.

The only reason abortion bans had to be adopted this month in Alabama and Georgia are the lies Roe v. Wade and Parenting Planning v. Casey. These bad decisions were based on fictitious rights invented through the discredited idea of ​​due process. Their legal and constitutional reasoning was nonexistent, even pro-choice jurists admitted.

So, why do abortion advocates base their arguments on lies? In part, it's because they can get away with it. The abortion lobby may have America's most sophisticated public relations device and reporters consider their talking points as a gospel.

But there is another possible explanation. Maybe abortion advocates base their arguments on so many lies because they have to do it. Because a big lie is the foundation of their vision.

One of the main objections to the heartbeat bill in Georgia was the absurd statement that the beating heart of a baby in utero was not a heartbeat. It is simply a "fetal pole activity", of the famous progressive Alyssa Milano. argued.

The lie goes further, however, and must generally remain unexpressed. But sometimes they say it out loud.

"When a woman is pregnant," said Democrat Christine Quinn recently, "it's not a human being in her".

And there we have it.

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