The Llorona invokes a box office abroad of 30 million dollars; Shazam & Dumbo top $ 300 million WW – Deadline


Refresh for the last…: Horror photo produced by Warner Bros. / New Line, James Wan The curse of La Llorona haunted cinemas of 71 overseas markets, this framework, which opens up to $ 30 million at the international box office. With domestic, the overall arc is $ 56.5 million.

In many countries, Easter weekend is framed by holidays on Fridays and / or Mondays and Llorona, with his Catholic iconography, drew on that. Latin America is akin to horror, and this film, centered on Mexican folklore, was No. 1 in the region where it shot above Conspiracy (+ 11%), Halloween (+ 30%), A silent place (+ 60%) and Curfew (+ 95%). Mexico leaders all play at $ 5.3 million, while Europe and parts of Asia have had a decent start; Brazil was slightly in difficulty as the market was dominated by the family rate (Shazam !, Dumbo) and the religious Breakthrough.

The economy price of $ 9M Llorona Japan and the United Kingdom remain to come. Too bad he did not go out in this last weekend what could have benefited from the shake. At the moment, it seems that the current session in Britain could be the first four-day Easter weekend of the century to reach less than £ 10 million. The weather was nice there, but the lack of an important first match also had an impact.

Of course, the next weekend will be another story in the face of the thunderous coming of Avengers: End of the game. Cinemas in London, Leicester, the Midlands, Bristol and many others are already selling shows. Highlighting the anticipation for End of Game, even China was calm this setting, led by the continuous play of P Storm ($ 113 million cume), and as pre-sales on the MCU photo exceeded $ 60 million.

Widely for non-horror fans, this weekend was all about delays. Notably, WB / New Line / DC Shazam! added another $ 22 million to break the $ 200 million mark abroad and $ 300 million worldwide. Families have also listened to Disney Dumbopushing the dear little pachyderm over these same landmarks.

Before the world match with Thanos starting Wednesday offshore, Disney / Marvel's Captain Marvel put a couple of new nicks on his belt. With a global cume of $ 1.09 billion Carol Danvers is on the front row of the # 8 superhero movie The black knight gets up.

Elsewhere, Voltage's teen drama After another good weekend $ 9.5 million in 38 markets for a $ 25.4 million cume overseas. Lionsgate / Millennium's Hellboy waiting just picked up $ 3.4 million in 40 hubs.

The breakdown of this week's movies is updated below.


The horror photo by Michael Chaves, who is not directly connected to the Conjuring universe as it does not involve paranormal investigators, the Warrens, open in 71 foreign markets $ 30 million on 13,262 screens. The best international film during a weekend largely waiting for the next frame Avengers: End of the game N ° 1 in Latin America, inspired by Easter holidays and Mexican folklore. As noted above, he beat a handful of competitors in the area.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it is comparable to The conspiracy, a quiet place and Curfew. In Asia, it's the first film, with more than double Pet Sematary and Halloween.

The best game has been Mexico to $ 5.3 million on 2,600 screens, with a share of 32% of the top 5 titles. He surpassed almost all the comps out there, including Insidious: the last key (+ 36%), Conspiracy (+ 61%), A silent place (+ 101%), Pet Sematary (+ 158%) and Curfew (+ 185%).

Colombia was the next best start at $ 2.4 million and ahead of all comps except Annabelle. la France Raised $ 2.1M on 254 screens to rank # 2, tied with a number of competitions and more Curfew (+ 20%) and A quiet Pladce (% 39%).

Spain $ 1.7 million on 330 screens, ranking third, but above most competitors, including 34% Annabelle. Indonesia scared $ 1.6 million on 654 screens at No. 1, leading most competitors.

Korea ($ 1.3 million / 620 screens / No. 2), India ($ 1.1 million / 1,032 / No. 1 US film), Russia ($ 1.1 million / 1,758 / No. 3) , Italy ($ 863K / 314 screens / No. 3) and Brazil ($ 796K / 350 / No. 4) complete the Top 10.

The United Kingdom and Japan still have to present themselves with a handful of markets, the film seeming to be counterproductive to Thanos and his team.


Friendly superhero from the Warner family has added another $ 22 million with school holidays and Easter holidays, helping to feed the wickets. Playing around 16,000 screens in 80 markets, the Zachary Levi-starrer has now grown $ 201.5 million abroad and $ 322.8 million globally.

Japan opened this session with $ 2 million on 723 screens at No. 4, but No. 1 for an American film. The liberation overcome The ant man of 9% and is tied with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Brazil in the 3rd frame fell by only 21% to remain No. 1 and gross of $ 11.4 million so far. Australia held the No. 1 spot while Mexico plunged to No. 3. The United Kingdom took over the niche # 1 during a very quiet weekend and Spain increased by 2% at the 3rd session. Colombia also saw a significant increase, up 34%.

The top 10 markets are China ($ 43.5 million), the United Kingdom ($ 15.4 million), Mexico ($ 14.2 million), Brazil ($ 11.4 million) and Australia ($ 9.8 million).


Still in the family sphere, Disney's Dumbo added $ 13.7 million of 55 material markets. The offshore oil is now $ 206.6 million for $ 307.9 million on a global scale. Belgium is a big fan of the pachyderm, keeping first place for the fourth weekend in a row. In the rest of Europe, holds were good for holidays, especially in Denmark (-5%), Spain (-12%), Portugal (-24%) and France (-46%). .

In Lat-Am, Dumbo fell by only 12% with significant holdings in Colombia (+ 28%), Argentina (+ 20%), Peru (+ 5%), Chile (-3%), Brazil (-19% ) and Mexico (-35%).

Among the countries of the Asia-Pacific, New Zealand (+ 30%), Singapore (+ 19%), Hong Kong (-4%) and Australia (-9%) are among the the strongest assets.

The top five markets are the United Kingdom ($ 27.9 million), China ($ 21.8 million), Mexico ($ 20.2 million), Spain ($ 14 million) ) and France ($ 12.2 million).


The animated entertainment of Paramount has admitted another $ 10.9 million visitor value in 56 markets. This includes a start in China where the start was No. 3 with $ 3 million to 8,992 locations. The international cume is now $ 48.5 million.

Also new this session were the Netherlands ($ 328K / 135 sites) and Hong Kong ($ 264K / 40).

la France led the weekend game and has now reported $ 6.1 million. Korea is the last market to be released in August.

Captain Marvel

7th weekend, Disney / Marvel's Captain Marvel picked up $ 6.5 million of 49 material markets. The offshore total is now $ 689.5 million with $ 1,089.5 million Carol Danvers is the 8th superhero of all time in the world.

Europe fell by 37% regionally, with excellent participation of + 25% Spain and slight relaxation elsewhere. Korea also had a 70% rise in anticipation on End of Game inflated. Latin America declined by 12%, Chile 2% and only 14% Brazil.

Here are the top 5: China ($ 153.6 million), United Kingdom ($ 49.7 million), Korea ($ 45.1 million), Brazil ($ 37.9 million) and Mexico (33 $ 2 million).


Pet Sematary (PAR): $ 5.5 million international weekend (58 markets); $ 46.1 million intl cume
Breakthrough (FOX / DIS): US $ 2.8 million international weekend (20 markets / + 28% in Brazil); $ 5.9 million cume
We (UNI): $ 1.7 million international weekend (58 markets); $ 75.3 million intl cume
Little (UNI): $ 1.4 million international weekend (13 markets); $ 4.8 million intl cume
How to train your dragon: the hidden world (UNI): $ 700,000 international weekend (37 markets); $ 355.4 million intl cume
Bohemian Rhapsody (FOX): $ 500,000 international weekend (20 markets); $ 685.6 million intl cume
Greta (UNI): $ 500,000 international weekend (2 markets); $ 3 million intl cume ($ 1.5 million universal)
Boy cleared (UNI): $ 200,000 international weekend (8 markets); $ 4.6 million intl cume


Foxstar Indian Photo KalankRomantic drama unfolding during the score of the 1940s and Dharma Productions of Karan Johar, open to the public. $ 10.4 million in two offshore markets. Of this amount, $ 9.5 million came from India where the movie is # 1 this weekend. Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor are stars of director Abhishek Varman.


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