The loot of the hymn is not in the right place


Anthem has a lot of problems, and while some are deep, others feel like avoidable missteps. The way the game manages its loot falls into this second category. As we move forward in life after the game's launch, the end of the game gives the impression of reliving the dark days that follow. Destiny 1The Liberation.

For a brief period after AnthemThe first day's patch went online on February 21st, and players noticed that the game had become extremely generous with its loot. Then it's gone. The main producer of the game, Ben Irving, finally decided to AnthemSubreddit to explain what happened: The first day's patch involuntarily improved dropout rates for the epic game and the game's masterpiece. After confirming what had happened BioWare then restored the drop rates to the standard patch levels of the previous day.

After reaching level 30, players can perform existing fortress missions on grand master difficulties. They have three levels, each successive rank offering a better chance of achieving better results. During the brief period following the first day's patch, players found a varied selection of rare, epic and masterpieces, the equivalent of destinyThe green, blue and purple engrams, respectively. Now, the drops are more often a common loot, rare and rare, with epic drops and rare and spaced masterpieces. Since AnthemThe best equipment comes with a handful of random statistics, so there is an incentive to collect multiple versions looking for a version with a better combination. As a result, basic drop rates can be much lower.

Anthem's Masterwork objects have a single buff followed by random stats bonuses, which means that some versions may be much better than others.
Screenshot: Anthem (EA)

The most frequent fans of the game were unhappy with the change. Although many people started playing Anthem On Feb. 22, EA Premier PC subscribers had access to the Internet a week earlier, Feb. 15. As a result, many of me, including myself, had already started the final phase of the game by the time the first day patch arrived. More than anything else, the temporary change in dropout rates has brought to light the grueling and thankless character AnthemCurrent end-of-game activities can be felt.

A growing list of popular publications on the Anthem subreddit decry the current state of the game loot, some players fearing that by showing less generosity, BioWare potentially diverts the players who are currently on the hedge to know if to stay with them Anthem. Over the weekend, Travis Day, who worked on Diablo IIISoft restart with the Reaper of souls update, added his two cents, suggesting that the way the Anthem currently rewards the loot that will lead to burnout as players focus on the same mission again and again in the hope of obtaining equipment late in the game.

This is not unlike the first weeks that followed Destiny 1When the purple engrams could still be deciphered in useless blue machines, this ugly tip also masked the inadequacy of the violet gears. Bungie started to tackle the problem with Patch 1.0.2, which allowed the purple gear to fall into a wider range of activities and sometimes prevented it from becoming a disguised blue gear. However, it took months and years for Bungie to achieve a more balanced balance in which players could gain access to some of the best weapons sooner and then work on slowly strengthening them rather than being at the mercy of incredibly low probabilities. . even after hours of grinding.

While it's standard for a new ambitious booty shooter with lots of moving parts not to get everything that's perfect at launch, it's like Anthem Nearly five years later, we encounter many of the same pitfalls. The director of the game, Jonathan Warner, said a fan yesterday on Twitter BioWare is already considering adjustments as a result of players' reactions. We will see if Anthem is able to do things faster than destiny made.

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