The love story of Scarlet Witch and Vision


After Tony Stark rebuilt Vision, the Synthezoid joined the Avengers. Soon after, Avengers member Carol Danvers invited Scarlet Witch to return to the mansion to reunite with her friends. Let’s just say when Vision and Scarlet Witch came face to face after used it to attack their friends, it was a powerful reminder of the love they had lost. Watch this awkward moment unfold in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (2012) # 0.

Despite all their ups and downs, the odd couple that is Scarlet Witch and Vision have done their best to make their unique life work. And, while things didn’t work out romantically in the end, the two have now found friendship. In the Eternal Words of an Eternal Bard: “The course of true love has never been smooth.” But the trip is always worth it.

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