The lovefest of Elizabeth Warren and Dwayne Johnson continues with Ballers from last night (and on Twitter)


The savvy political experts may note that Elizabeth Warren's favorite show, presidential candidate, appears to be Ballers, which stars Dwayne Johnson as a powerful sportsman. Warren took a break from the busy campaign to watch the last season of the series with her husband Bruce last night, taking a Twitter moment to congratulate Johnson for his recent wedding:

We suspect a cry of joy in the Warrens room after seeing the beginning of this episode, in which the character of Johnson is seen curling up with Warren's book, 2017 This fight is our fight: The battle to save the American middle class.

Although this may seem like a strange cultural-cultural match, we see some key similarities. Both are self-produced successes, good hearted but hard to cook. And the two discussed the White House's aspirations: Warren is currently campaigning furiously for 2020, and Johnson said GQ in 2017, his political future was "a real possibility". But it's recently moved away from a possible presidential race in 2020, thus wiping out any hope of success for the Warren-Johnson ticket.

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