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The MAGA themed wedding of a Michigan couple pays tribute to President Trump | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

A couple from Kalamazoo, Michigan, made a pretty political statement with the theme of their recent weddings. Their wedding hashtag? #MAGAPatriotWedding.

The bride Audra Johnson wore a white wedding dress for the ceremony, but then changed into a dress that really turned heads for her wedding photos. It was adorned with bright red letters on the front, echoing President Trump's famous campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. The skirt of the fishtail dress simply said "TRUMP".

While Johnson wore red and white, his bridesmaids wore blue. The bride told CBS News that the July 4th wedding was going to be patriotic-themed until she contacted clothing designer Andre Soriano.

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Soriano, a fervent supporter of Trump, often wears a MAGA hat and creates red, white and blue clothing, including the "Make American Great Again" and "Trump 2020" dresses. This year, two artists wore Soriano's creations at the Grammy Awards – and then Johnson decided to wear one for his wedding.

Johnson and his friends traveled to Washington, DC to meet Soriano about the design of the dress. "It took him four days to take measurements and assemble the dress," Johnson told CBS News. "But it was amazing, he and her husband are fabulous."

The other wedding guests also wore patriotic gear. The groom, Jeff Johnson, is a Navy veteran who has donned his ceremonial uniform while holding a gun in some photos. In fact, many wedding guests posed with guns, including the bride herself. However, none of the guns were shot, said Johnson.

"As a patriotic wedding, we really encouraged people to do what was best for them, if they wanted to wear openly, if they wanted to hide-wear," Johnson said.

Despite the "MAGA Patriot" theme, the wedding was inclusive, Johnson said. Her maid of honor was even a democrat.

She said, "You know I love you, but I do not feel comfortable wearing a MAGA hat," said Johnson. "I said," I'm fine, we can find you a red one. " We were able to compromise on this point. We can believe differently, but we still love each other very much. "

Needless to say, MAGA wedding photos turned heads when the couple and other guests posted photos on social media.

"It was absolutely crazy," Johnson said. "Some incredible patriots said they like the dress and support us, but there is also the other side, where we received threats, and there were ugly comments."

"A lot of the comments are" it's a racist wedding. "I'm the granddaughter of a Filipino immigrant, my husband is black," Johnson said. "I think what I want people to remember is that there is a stereotype that Trump supporters are flying around and that some may be like that, but most of it is we are not. "

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