The Man in the High Castle will finish with season 4

I think I came to a realization – most of my current favorite TV shows are only again favorites because I'm waiting for them to come to what appears to be an inevitably horrible end. I am a deer in the lighthouses, hoping that in a world where death and consternation reign at every turn, the Game of thrones the actors could actually find their final rest; maids The servant Tale could escape permanently their tortures and mutilations, the only means that seems plausible; Westworld will see robots triumph over humanity (yes, I am in this camp); and that Kill Eve could well, that's in the title.

That's why I'm happy to say that The man at the castle high will end after its fourth season, as you can see by watching this new trailer.

In one way or another, the defenseless American inhabitants of this alternative reality will finally get rid of the yoke of their Nazi and Japanese oppressors. In one way or another, the reign of terror will end. Probably with a lot of blood and tears involved.

Unless of course, The man at the castle high take his favorite turn and appeal to another alternate universe, perhaps even to come to a happy ending for Juliana and co. That's why I would advise you to take everything you see in this trailer with a grain of salt.

On a less personal note, it's interesting to see Amazon unplugged. When it was introduced, The man at the castle high immediately became the company's most popular original show and the proof that Amazon could possibly have a chance against Netflix with flashy, big-budget original content. Last year, Reuters reported that the show could have attracted up to 1.15 million additional subscribers to Amazon Prime by the beginning of 2017, at a cost of $ 72 million.

But, critically, it's not a brilliant, award-winning show like Amazon's new darling, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, who has won three Golden Globes and swept through almost all of his categories at the Emmys and Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

If you need more hints about season 4, Deadline has an exclusive interview with The man at the castle spectators.

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