THE MANDALORIAN obtains an official Thomas Kinkade collection


There is no shortage of great art for fans of the galaxy far, far away. You can decorate your home or office with an unlimited number of pieces of all styles and sizes, from gorgeous fan-made pieces to fantastic official pieces from our amazing boutiques and artists. This includes prints and posters for our favorite substitute Star wars dad and his little green son. But the latest collection of Baby Yoda-inspired pieces might be the strangest of all. Thomas Kinkade Studios, best known for his healthy and mass-produced soft focus paintings, now has a collection for The Mandalorian. And this stuff is bucolic, people!

It’s sort of exactly what you imagine and totally surreal.

THE MANDALORIAN obtains an official Thomas Kinkade_1 collection

Thomas Kinkade Studios

Thomas Kinkade Studios again went back to Star wars universe for another collection (which we discovered at io9). However, this marks the studios’ earliest work for The Mandalorian.

The four limited edition pieces, all by artist Monte Moore, capture “iconic scenes” from the Disney + series.

THE MANDALORIAN gets an official Thomas Kinkade_2 collection

Thomas Kinkade Studios

This includes “Child’s Play,” a serene and secretly sinister play that shows an impatient Grogu approaching an innocent frog in a pond. “The Mudhorn” recreates Din Djarin’s confrontation with the beast. “The Escort” celebrates when the Razor Crest secured a personal escort from the other Mandalorians in Din. And “Turning Point” marks the first time the titular bounty hunter has encountered Baby Yoda in his floating pod.

THE MANDALORIAN gets an official Thomas Kinkade_3 collection

Thomas Kinkade Studios

All four works are available in several formats and sizes: art and metallic prints; premium gallery wrapped canvases and prospecting options; and framed copies. Prices range from as low as $ 30 to over $ 4,700 for the more exclusive options.

If you want those expensive options, you better have a nice supply of beskar steel.

THE MANDALORIAN gets an official Thomas Kinkade_4 collection

Thomas Kinkade Studios

The collection is a big deal for fans of Thomas Kinkade Studios. These Mandalorian The pieces are the first set of paintings released by the company that also include the artist’s signature.

That way, when you look at Grogu’s sweet face, you’ll know who thought it was adorable to capture the moment before Baby Yoda ate a live frog.

Featured Image: Thomas Kinkade Studios

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