‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 5 recap – Baby Yoda’s name revealed

The Mandalorian This week answered some great questions from Baby Yoda, thanks to the highly anticipated – and fair! – introduction of another Clone wars character.

We viewers actually arrived on planet Corvus before Mando, where we saw Calodan City Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth (stuntman Diana Lee Inosanto) and right-hand man Lang (Michael Biehn) overseeing a clash in the forest. dark and dead neighbor – between numerous guards and a lightsaber-wielding double Ahsoka Tano (played by Rosario Dawson, who looks as precise as one would hope). When the dreaded Jedi emerges from the woods triumphant, Elsbeth refuses to part with the knowledge she seeks. Undeterred, Ahsoka Tano gives the magistrate a day to change his mind. Or else.

The Razor Crest lands in the forest, and Mando (with the child still in a sling bag) approaches the city wall, telling Lang that he is actually a guild hunter, and in need of a stopover. After receiving an arm’s length reception from the frightened villagers inside, Mando is brought to the magistrate, who offers him a handsome combat staff made of pure Beskar – in exchange for killing the Jedi in the forest. After all, aren’t the Jedi enemies of Mandalore?

Mandalorian Ahsoka TanoIn the forest, Mando is attacked by Ahsoka Tano, but he pushes her back stating that Bo-Katan sent him and that they must speak. “I hope it is about himAhsoka Tano said, nodding to the child. We then see Mando pacing back and forth as Ahsoka Tano sits down with the child in what appears to be a silent “conversation”. “Do you understand that?” Mando asks. “In a way,” Ahsoka Tano replies. “Grogu and I can hear each other’s thoughts.

Yes, Grogu is Baby Yoda’s real name. Yes or no, guys?

Ahsoka Tano continues to relay that Grogu was raised in a Jedi temple in Coruscant, where many masters have trained over the years. At the end of the Clone Wars, the child was in hiding – until someone brought him out of the temple. “Then his memory grows dark,” Ahsoka Tano said. “He was lost, alone. Ahsoka Tano says that she has only known one other being like this: the wise Jedi Master Yoda. She then laments that the Jedi Order fell long ago – “The Empire too, but they’re still hunting it,” Mando retorts. “He needs your help.

The next morning, Ahsoka Tano tests Grogu, but he fails. Mando is invited to lead the tests and he is much more successful having the child use the Force to take the shiny and coveted command button from him. Seeing this, Ahsoka Tano declares that she cannot train Grogu, claiming that his attachment to Mando makes him “vulnerable to his fears, to his anger…. I’ve seen what feelings like that can do to a fully trained Jedi Knight, ”and she won’t take him down that path. Instead, she advises Mando to let the child’s abilities fade. Mando reveals that the magistrate sent him to kill her. He offers to help Ahsoka Tano solve this problem, if she makes sure that Grogu is properly trained.

Mandalorian Morgan ElsbethAhsoka Tano says the magistrate is Morgan Elsbeth, whose people were slaughtered during the Clone Wars; thereafter, she used her anger to help build the Imperial Star Fleet. Ahsoka Tano makes it clear that freeing the tortured prisoners in the town square is the number one priority, and they continue their attack. Ahsoka Tano storms and jumps onto the perimeter wall, guard after guard after guard. Inside she is met by Lang, more guards and two battle droids. As they engage in a little cat and mouse amid the maze-shaped market stalls, Mando jetpacks and frees the prisoners with the help of a villager. After Ahsoka Tano takes out all the guards and a droid, she sets out to find the magistrate, while Mando prepares for a confrontation with Lang.

In her duel with Morgan Elsbeth, wielding the staff of Beskar, Ahsoka Tano loses a saber but comes out on top, then she presses for the knowledge she seeks: “Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn ?! Meanwhile, Lang tries to outsmart Mando by putting down his rifle, then searching for a handgun, but gets zapped in his tracks. The previous villager warns Mando before the second droid can blind him from a rooftop, and Mando shoots that droid down as well.

Since this villager is anointed “mayor” or something like that by his friends, Ahsoka Tano hands the Beskar staff to Mando, saying he belongs to a Mandalorian. When Mando returns to the ship to wake Grogu up, Ahsoka Tano catches up with him and insists that she cannot train the child. She does offer another possibility, however, directing Mando to the planet Tython, where he will find the ruins of an ancient temple. “Place Grogu on the stone that sees at the top of the mountain,” she said, and the child will choose his path. If he reaches out to the Force, a Jedi knight can sense his presence and come looking for him. “Again, there aren’t many Jedi left,” she recalls, before sending Mando with a “May the Force be with you”.

What did you think of the episode “The Jedi” and seeing a live-action Ahsoka Tano?

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