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The Marvel Avengers game: what we learned from gameplay sequences

On the occasion of E3 2019, Den Of Geek US had the chance to watch 25 minutes of the new video game Square Enix. Marvel & # 39; s Avengers Game. This demonstration was held in camera and you can learn more about it.

The event opened in San Francisco, where the Avengers – Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor – are the guests of honor at the Avengers Day celebration. Unsurprisingly, the Golden Gate Bridge is attacked by villains shortly thereafter, prompting the super team to separate and contain the situation. The gameplay was focused on a player who was going through the chaos that ensued from one hero to the other a few minutes at a time, showcasing their unique moves and personalities.

The character design is perhaps the most important thing that worried fans of the game when the trailer debuted at Square's E3 press conference. Square Avengers seems strongly inspired by their MCU counterparts but does not carry the resemblance of the big screen actors, which is a discordant visual rightly. Apparently, they look like the Poundland versions of the real deal. Square Enix has confirmed that it was an entirely new and original approach to Avengers. But why do the characters' designs seem to be based on movies? Everything feels a little confused and misleading.

The presentation did little to dispel any concerns in this regard. The characters look a bit like the movie versions, but they speak in a way that looks more like a Saturday morning cartoon, which does not seem quite right. Thor, for example, uses the Shakespearian tone you expect from a Nordic god chasing stunted humans, which sounds like a caricature of the UCP Thor. If you want to summon the movies, even partially, the writing must be really good. This is not the case.

All this was disappointing. But as for the gameplay, Avengers seems really spectacular. What impresses most is the great difference in game mechanics between the five characters.

Mjolnir behaves in the same way as Kratos' ax God of the war, returning to Thor's hand at will. When the god of thunder gets really mad, he can trigger a thunder / storm attack that can level the battlefield. The flight mechanics of Iron Man looks like AnthemBelieve it or not, it's a good thing, as he's zooming in on the battlefield, dropping a barrage of artillery fire on the bad guys. Hulk jumps in a way reminiscent of 2005, underestimated Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Captain America is a melee machine that uses its shield in an inventive, acrobatic way, while letting fly its fists and feet.

But the most intriguing character, in terms of play, is Black Widow. The male members of the group have extraordinary powers and weapons, which naturally gives their combat a stimulating and awesome aspect. It's harder to imagine how Black Widow would work in a game, but Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have come up with a very sensible concept: the gameplay of Black Widow borrows a lot from the studios. tomb Raider games, a formula they have become a science at this stage. Basically, she plays like a Lara Croft slightly more talented for the melee, which is great.

One of the coolest moments of the demo saw Black Widow running on the Golden Gate Bridge as the asphalt crumbled and crunched under his feet until he reached a sort of ramp (conveniently formed by debris and debris), then she has to her fate (of course, that's about as tomb Raider-y as it becomes).

Fortunately, she landed on the back of Taskmaster – the supervillain responsible for the attack – which revolved around a jetpack. The ensuing aerial brawl saw them moving back and forth across the bridge as it collapsed, and in the background you could see the other Avengers, breaking through the bones in a glorious way, all in a continuous and exhilarating shot. This room was amazing.

There are still many questions to be solved concerning Marvel's Avengers. What will the confirmed multiplayer mode look like? Is Hawkeye playable? Will the story of the game find its own voice or monkey in the MCU? Is the game connected to Spider-Man PS4? Square Enix has announced that the story will be aired over several years (probably via DLC) at no additional cost. How long will it take to tell the whole story? Let's hope that we will get satisfactory answers to these big questions in the months to come, before the game's scheduled release date, May 15, 2020.

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