‘The Masked Dancer’ Group B premiere features shocking drop, shocking reveal


Well, 2021 picks up where 2020 left off, as a troop of dancing bipedal animals, incredible edibles, and inanimate objects hike was not the craziest thing seen on tv this wednesday. But as the chaos unfolded on CNN, on Fox the Masked dancer – which, like its successful sister show The masked singer, stars mystery celebrity cosplayers – have settled into their regular Wednesday time slot. And it happened the same night that Masked dancer former judge of Paula Abdul American Idol co-star, Randy Jackson, made his Fox’s debut Name this tune restart, reminding us all of simpler and happier times.

the Masked dancer part one actually aired at the end of 2020, with the disguised Group A dancers (The Hammer, Tulip, Cricket, Exotic Bird, and the first rejecting the disco ball, which turned out to be none other than gangsta rap icon Ice-T). This week, we met Zebra, Cotton Candy, Ice Cube, Moth and Sloth from Group B. I didn’t have high hopes for the Sloth, for obvious reasons, but he showed an unexpected amount of speed and speed. energy, and so he survived – just like the undisputed leader of Cotton Candy, despite having a very frightening and unpleasant fall in rehearsal. while performing a Cirque du Soleil-style aerial stunt above the stage. (I am amazed that more competitors did not stumble upon this show, given the limited range of vision and movement of the costumes. But I’m relieved that Cotton Candy’s fluffy suit seemingly cushioned his landing.)

Instead, it was the Ice Cube that finally melted under the pressure. I had hoped that, in a totally meta moment, the Ice Cube would be another old-school rapper: the real Ice Cube, NWA’s O’Shea Jackson, who performed with Mask judge Ken Jeong in Ride along 2. “Word Up!” Verbal of this cool character! the clue was even “the icon of the 90s”! But the Cube was actually the Bill Nye, the Science Guy, just as iconic but completely different. Bill’s clumsy attempt to make the ballroom with the Postmodern Jukebox version of “Bad Romance” unfortunately didn’t make the judges gaga; if only he had danced to Oingo Boingo’s “Weird Science” (as he did on Dancing with the stars in season 13), or perhaps to “She Blinded Me With Science” by compatriot Thomas Dolby, he might not have been excluded from the competition so soon.

Surprisingly, Ken, who is almost never right on The masked singer, made a scientifically accurate estimate this week and figured it out to be Nye. (The other judges speculated that the Ice Man was everyone from Axl Rose to Anderson Cooper to Al Gore). It was impressive, because the Masked dancer Panelists should rely only on clue kits and body language when examining candidates. But how successful were Ken and the other judges in identifying the other celebrities in Group B? And how well done I make? Let’s go into Science Guy mode and try to make some calculated guesses.

Cotton candy

Although less Masked dancer contestants have literally gone through the motions this season, this confectionery creature has taken things to new heights by recreating P’s iconic ‘Glitter in the Air’ aerial performance! nk of the 2010 Grammys. Although her aforementioned rehearsal accident nearly ruined her chances even before her season was fully underway, her triumphant mainstage recovery proved she had what it took to to be the ultimate champion this season. Judge Ashley Tisdale praised Cotton Candy’s “winner attitude”, and Ken called it “the most beautiful performance I have ever seen on a Mask show.”

The clues: She is a “perfectionist” and “child witch” who moved into a new family for or to pursue her dreams of showbiz – a childhood experience she found traumatic. We also saw a traditional English breakfast, three pound dumbbells, and lip patterned cupcakes.

The judges’ assumptions: Jenna Dewan, Kylie Jenner, Julianne Hough and even the real P! Nk.

My guess: Julianne does the trick. As well as being a pro who knows how to avoid and / or bounce back quickly from injury, she was sent to study dance in England as a child. The small Cotton Candy frame is also a match for Julianne.


The sloth brought comedy during his ’80s aerobics routine to Romantics’ ‘What I Like About You’, using a backup dancer as a human weight for his bicep curls and faking a heart attack at the Redd Foxx while sprinting on a treadmill. There was a lot to like about this wacky performance.

The clues: We saw a badge with the initials “DR”, the number 13, fire and a tube of GLEEM toothpaste (with the letter M hidden). He brought up a serious childhood accident and said, “People told me I was just having Mickey Mouse surgery.” Other verbal cues were the “call the Feds” line and the word “Broadway” in a weird (and probably fake) Transylvanian accent.

The judges’ assumptions: Matthew Morrison, Taye Diggs, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Derulo, Kevin Federline.

My guess: Many clues indicate Play with fire rapper K-Fed, former professional dancer and ex-husband of Mickey Mouse Club star Britney Spears. But I’m going to go with Broadway actor, “I Wanna Be on Glee” singer and Disney fanatic Todrick Hall. Todrick is Taylor Swift’s best friend (whose lucky number is 13); the “DR” could represent another reality TV show on which Todrick appears regularly, RuPaul’s Drag Race; and the story of being despised is reminiscent of his revenge song “F **”. Todrick is also a real ham who could break out of this sort of wacky routine.


This striped star really sabotaged him on Sérgio Mendes’ ‘Magalenha’ and worked that black and white bangs during his fun salsa act – so much so that almost judges guessed he was a true pop star. latin music.

The clues: We saw a silver medal and a hot dog, and we heard a ton of lyrical boy band references that made it sound like it could be someone from One Direction, New Kids on the Block, or the Backstreet. Boys. He said he was off the stage for a while, but “even the president” knows his name and he’s ready for his “comeback” and “second act”. He also said he struggled to grow taller and had a “heartache”.

The judges’ assumptions: Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Kevin Richardson.

My guess: I think he’s neither a Latin singer nor a brawler. I think it’s Clay Aiken (“Achin ‘”, got it?), Who was on The celebrity apprentice with President Trump (on which he got the second place “silver”, as he did on American Idol). Clay hasn’t released an album in nine years, but he definitely had a second act as a politician. I hope I am right, because I would like to see Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Clay Aiken all together on television the same night. Maybe Clay could even come back to second place!


It was clear that this winged creature isn’t a trained dancer, but she did move well during her line dancing on “Boot Scootin ‘Boogie”. Paula called her “natural” and called her performance “royal”.

The clues: She stumbled upon fame accidentally after making headlines due to a presidential scandal; the experience changed her life forever, but the self-described “survivor” used her platform to highlight important issues and help others. We also saw a box of shredded and discarded clothes and a maple tree, as well as the “Word Up! the clue was “inspired”.

The judges’ assumptions: Megan Kelly, Monica Lewinsky, Marla Maples.

My guess: Monica might be too obvious, but the clues make add. She’s become an anti-bullying activist and #MeToo crossover, and the second-hand clothes in a box could be a reference to her infamous blue dress (or her short career as a fashion stylist). Plus, Monica has a hidden reality TV experience: let’s not forget she hosted Fox’s Mr. Personalitand in 2003!

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