The mayor of New York said the Amazon's head office debacle was "an abuse of corporate power"


De Blasio on Sunday attacked the company for canceling the construction of a second seat in Queens last week.
Amazon (AMZN) canceled the agreement just months after announcing plans to split its new second seat between New York and Virginia. The Seattle-based company, which is trying to develop its footprint at home and abroad, has spent a year reviewing hundreds of "Headquarters" proposals from across North America before settling in both regions.
Last November, De Blasio applauded the news and promised that it would benefit residents, including residents of a large social housing complex located nearby.
Critics – including many Democrats – have criticized the huge subsidies New York has offered to attract the Amazon, including $ 1.525 billion in incentive bonuses, which would create 25,000 new jobs with an average salary of 150,000. $.

On Sunday, de Blasio, a Democrat, said that New York had offered Amazon a "fair deal", and blamed the company for taking what he described as "arbitrary" the decision to leave after some people have opposed.

"They said that they wanted a partnership, but as soon as there were criticisms, they left," he added. "What does this tell workers that a company would leave them dry simply because some people have been critical?"

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the latest remarks from de Blasio. But the company criticized last week "a number of local and state politicians" who said "made it clear that they were opposed to our presence and would not work with us to establish the type of relationship needed "to carry out the project.
The fight for Amazon is the struggle for the future of the Democratic Party

The fallout on the siege of the Amazon brought to light a fracture between Democrats. While de Blasio and New York governor Andrew Cuomo hosted the company late last year, other party members were embarrassed – such as the new congressional student, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, whose neighborhood is near the site of Queens, where Amazon would have been located.

This fracture continued last week when Amazon reneged on the deal. Cuomo attacked politicians who, according to him, "put their own political interests above their community". Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, declared victory.

Asked on Sunday about the gap between progressives, Blasio said they were able to govern and give back to the workers.

"I represent 8.6 million people, and a clear majority of these people think our economy needs to be more equitable.But of course, we need jobs, we need growth, we need income, "said the mayor, who has described himself as progressive. . "Progressives can do both."

Amazon said last week that it would not seek to replace New York with another city, but would continue to go ahead with existing projects in Virginia. He is also working on a hub in Nashville.

Lydia DePillis and Jackie Wattles of CNN Business contributed to this report.

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