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The measles epidemic is not a problem because of "antibiotics"

A representative from the state of Texas on Wednesday introduced a law that would facilitate the removal of childhood vaccines, despite the resurgence of measles across the country. diseases covered by a vaccine because of "antibiotics".

"They mean people are dying of measles. Yes, in third world countries, they die of measles, "Zedler said Tuesday. "Today, with antibiotics and that sort of thing, they do not die in America."

Measles, a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus without known treatment, can not be treated with antibiotics because they only treat bacterial infections. The new bill would ban the Texas health department from tracking families who chose not to be vaccinated, which the medical community has warned is extremely difficult to control. As of this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recorded six measles outbreaks across the country, including one in Texas.

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