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The media has found their new darling democrat for 2020: Amy McGrath

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Has a Democrat Challenger!

In a campaign announcement video, Amy McGrath told her story at the age of 13. She wrote a letter to McConnell telling her that she would become a fighter pilot and serve her country. She said that this letter had been ignored and McConnell had ignored the Kentuckians for years.

McGrath has a busy military career as a former fighter pilot in the Navy, including flying 89 combat missions bombing Al Qaeda and the Taliban. If her career in the military has been so brilliant, she'll probably do well in politics, will not she? Well, not exactly.

McGrath went on to Congress in Kentucky's 6th congressional district and lost to Republican Rep. Andy Barr in 2018, though she had surpassed and spent more than $ 3 million on Barr in the second democratic district of the country.

At present, she leads all states during a presidential year in a Trump state with 30 points. Nevertheless, she still has a television spot full of charm with MSNBC Joe in the morning.

Mika Brzezinski, co-facilitator, described McGrath's campaign announcement as "tremendous deployment", while panelist Mike Barnicle described it as "incredibly powerful."

The New York Times reporter, Trip Gabriel, even assimilated McGrath to Luke Skywalker vs. McConnell's Darth Vader.

Given McConnell's unpopularity with the press, it's pretty clear that coverage will favor McGrath throughout this race – even if the odds are not.

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