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The Michigan Wolverines have not won any national titles this year, but their consistency has not gone unnoticed.

The U-M Sports Department won the country's top spot in the CBS sports standings this morning. The Wolverines won the annual Best in College Sports Award, ahead of Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Michigan baseball was the highlight of the year.

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Erick Bakich led his group to the College World Series championship series, barring a title match. The Wolverines (50-22) fell to Vanderbilt in the three-game series.

Michigan football was 10-3 and was ranked 14th in the country's top 25 national. Men's gymnastics finished 4th in the country. Wrestling and general gymnastics finished fifth. The women's volleyball and lacrosse teams finished their season as No. 9 teams in their respective sports.

Michigan State is ranked 11th overall in CBS Sports.

Other schools in Michigan: Michigan at 74th, East Michigan at 90th and Michigan at 103rd.

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