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Low code and no code are the latest buzzwords in the industry. However, if vendors can truly disregard the complexity of challenging tasks such as creating machine learning models, this could help mainstream technologies currently inaccessible to most business users. That's precisely what Microsoft aims to do with his latest Power Platform ads today.

The company tried to incorporate this simplicity of code into the creation of applications last year by announcing PowerApps. Now, by associating PowerApps with Microsoft Flow and its new AI Builder tool, it can allow users to create applications with PowerApp to add an intelligence layer very quickly.

First of all, you have access to data sources. The Data Connector tool allows users to access more than 250 data connectors. This includes Salesforce, Oracle and Adobe, as well as, of course, Microsoft services such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Richard Riley, Senior Director of Marketing for Power Platform, explains that it is the foundation of data extraction in AI Builder.

"The goal of AI Builder is to simplify the use of weak code just as easily, there is no way to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into your Power applications, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Service, your data connectors, etc. , Said Riley at TechCrunch.

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Charles Lamanna, general manager of Microsoft, explains that Microsoft can perform all the analysis and all the effort required to create a data model, thus removing a huge barrier to entry for business users. "The basic idea is that you can select any common data service field and simply say," I want to predict this field. Next, we will examine historical records from the same table or entity to predict them. [the results]He explained that this could be used to predict whether a customer will sign up for a credit card, risk a turnover or if a loan would be approved, etc.

This announcement comes the same day that Salesforce announced the purchase of Tableau for nearly $ 16 billion. A few days after Google bought Looker for $ 2.6 billion, it shows how powerful data can be in a business environment, especially when it provides a way to highlight that data. use, whether in the form of visualization or inside of enterprise applications.

While Microsoft admits that Ai Builder will not be anything that everyone uses, they see a powerful type of user who might previously have been unable to reach that level of sophistication by themselves , building applications and adding layers of intelligence without too much coding. If it works as advertised, tasks that were previously inaccessible to business users bring a level of simplicity without the need of a computer scientist. Whatever the case may be, all this activity shows that data has become central to companies and that suppliers will create or buy to put them to work.


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