The More Rame on the Line, New viral videos Aura Kasih Scandale


HAGEUY VIDEO – A video porno of a duration of more than a minute, which would have looked like the singer and actress Aura Kasih (31 years), in a recent cat line application.

A chat line application account uploads a photo of Aura Kasih pose.

Then the download was followed by the download of a porn video, a woman suspected of Aura Kasih, having sex with a man.

In the video, he looks at the woman who claimed Aura Kasih without wearing clothes.

Then there is a sex scene exposed by the woman in the video already published.

The video was titled "Viral". In addition to the caption that reads "New Aura Kasih Scandal", which was downloaded by the account on June 16, 2018, 14.43 WIB.

In the online account on Thursday (21/6/2018), the uploader gets 230 J & # 39; s likes and was re-shared by 1,283 other line accounts.

Until this news is revealed, there has been no confirmation of the viral video related to Aura Kasih circulating in the cat line application.