The most popular "dungeon and dragon" spells are all healing spells

D & D Beyond revealed its list of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons spells, and unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by healing spells. Earlier this week, Adam Bradford, Beirut developer at D & D, presented several graphics in his weekly Dev Update Twitch feed that featured some of the most popular spells used on the platform. Bradford compiled the results by examining spells explicitly prepared by certain classes (such as Clerics or Wizards) or spells that a player chooses to learn when he climbs to a higher level (such as a wizard or a bard). spells, heal wounds and healing words, which can provide critical healing in combat or out of combat.

Healing Word was also the most popular spell used by the Bard and Cleric classes, while Cure Wounds was the most popular spell prepared by druids and paladins. Cure Wounds was also the second most popular spell of the Rangers class after Hunter's Mark. Other popular spells include Detect Magic, Shield, Charming Person, and Magic Missile.

Sorcerers and wizards had similar spells at the top of their lists, the two most often having Shield and Magic Missile on their spells list. The Warlock had the most variety, with Hellish Rebuke and Hex at the top of the list. Bradford noted that the list of the warlock's most popular spells had probably been influenced by the subclass of the Fiend Pact, which was the most popular subclass of Warlock of D & D Beyond, probably because she was available in free content on her site.

Bradford noted that the most popular spells of D & D Beyond were directed at low level spells, as the majority of D & D campaigns tended to target low to mid level adventurers. Although many campaigns reach level 20, the majority is usually between levels 6 and 11.

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