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The Motorola RAZR foldable phone is coming soon

Last week, we witnessed a flood of upcoming foldable phone ads from Samsung, Huawei and others. Motorola, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers, has also planned such a device, which may well arrive sooner than expected.

Engadget He's been talking to Global Product Vice President Dan Dery at Motorola's MWC 2019 this week. He confirmed that the company had been working for some time on flexible and collapsible phone products and added that Motorola had "no plans to come later than everyone else on the market".

That would mean that Motorola is looking for an upcoming release for its foldable phone, knowing that Samsung plans to release its Galaxy Fold smartphone on April 26th. the Wall Street newspaper Previously, such a phone, which would carry the brand name RAZR of the company, could be released in February, but this delay now seems inaccurate.

Motorola patent filing showing the potential of Motorola Razr WIPO

While not confirming the design of his foldable phone, Dery said: Engadget its device is not designed to have an external display due to scratching issues. This would seem to run counter to Motorola's recently discovered patent filings, which describe a smartphone with a big big screen that flattens in two, with a design similar to the classic RAZR flip phone.

Dery also said Motorola was considering creating a foldable double-hung smartphone. This type of design would have a large screen folded left and right, leaving only a screen one-third the size of the main device that can be used as a smartphone. In fact, Dery claimed Engadget that "two very famous" public limited companies are already working on double-hinged devices.

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