The NBA cancels the technique against DeMarcus Hornets Cousins


MIAMI – The NBA has canceled a technical foul against Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins ​​for throwing a shoe on the ground in Monday night's win over the Hornets, The Chronicle confirmed.

The Bay Area News Group was the first to announce the news.

With only 4:51 left, Charlotte's shoe, Jeremy Lamb's goalkeeper, slipped close to the foul line. The cousins, who were defending nearby, picked up the shoe and threw it on the sidelines. After the shoe went off the field, referee Brian Forte called a technician on Cousins.

The cousins, who returned last month after an Achilles tendon injury that marginalized him nearly a year, were shocked by the call and went to Forte to several times to plead his case.

"Next time, I'll just step on the shoe and roll my ankle, break it, rip an Achilles," said Cousins ​​after the match. "Leave him there next time. I guess that's what they want. I will keep that in mind. "

When asked for the explanation of Forte who gave him a technique, Cousins ​​replied, "Basically, you can not throw a shoe."

Warriors forward Draymond Green echoed Cousins' surprise during the call.

"I do not know if I've ever seen that, but it's crazy," said Green. "He is sitting in the middle of the ground. I do not know. We have all these rules for player safety. You can barely fight without hurting yourself, but you're supposed to leave a hoof sitting there. It's just a little crazy for me, but that's what it is. "

Connor Letourneau is an editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. E-mail: [email protected]com. Twitter: @Con_Chron

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