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The NBA encourages referee Phillips to lead a replay center

The NBA has promoted one of its most experienced referees, Jason Phillips, to head his replay center, the league announced on Friday.

Phillips replaces veteran executive Joe Borgia, who is moving to a role overseeing the implementation of the new coach's challenge for the coming season.

This is part of an expansion of the league's replay system. This week, the NBA's board of governors approved a one-year test of the coaching game's challenges, similar to the one used in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

Coaches will be able to challenge one call per game, including fouls, goalies or out of bounds. In addition, the league has approved the increased use of exams that can be triggered from the Secaucus Broadcast Center in New Jersey.

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"We see this as a win-win and a part of our leadership succession process," said Byron Spruell, president of the NBA league operations. "The coaches are challenging an important initiative that Joe can focus on as he helps Jason make the transition." Joe brings a lot of experience and knowledge and there will be challenging scenarios with the coaches challenge. "

The Phillips move means that another experienced referee leaves the ground. He worked 19 seasons and eight finals, officiating twice in the final last season. In recent years, a large number of former public servants have retired and Phillips is the second to occupy a senior administrative position, the other being the former senior official, Monty McCutchen.

"After 19 years of NBA passion on the field with the best officials in the world, I look forward to the new challenge of leading the NBA Replay Center and working alongside the great people who support our game on a daily basis." , Phillips said.

Phillips missed much of the 2017-18 season due to an injury and then spent more time in the proofreading center, working with Borgia and learning more about the center's operations.

"It can be a success if a final referee moves on," Spruell said. "We are always looking for new talent for our talent."

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