The NBA unveils the "shirt of the future" that changes name and number at the back


The NBA unveiled its "jersey of the future" at the NBA Stars Technology Summit on Friday. Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the future of the fans' experience and presented a concept jersey that would give supporters the opportunity to change the name and number on the back.

In a demonstration, Silver said he used his smartphone to turn Stephen Curry's All-Star shirt into a jersey with Michael Jordan's last name and number. 23. He stated that the jersey could be part of the fans' experience in 2038.

The annual technology summit is in its twentieth year and attracts companies such as Google, Snap and Twitter, as well as league leaders and players.

There was no shortage of excitement or jokes on Twitter. Some said it would allow tank fans to change their favorite player mid-season. Others joked that Kevin Durant, the star of Golden State Warriors, could change team during games.


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