The new $ 600 Dyson lamp algorithmically imitates natural light

This is not necessarily a bad thing, until you start to take into account the detrimental effects of spending so much time under artificial lights. Natural light starts soft and warm in the morning, becomes colder and brighter as the sun comes into the sky, then becomes warm and darker as the sun sets. Artificial light, however, is still the same, and at night, it can disrupt your sleep hormone level if you receive too much blue light (a problem because many of us sleep with our phones).

[Photo: Dyson]

Today, Singapore-based technology company Dyson is launching a work lamp that aims to bring more natural light into your life by closely mimicking the temperature, intensity, and quality of the light that you get some sun. The lamp, called LightCycle, is powered by an algorithm combining three cool LEDs and three warm LEDs to reproduce the natural light of any GPS position on the planet at a specific time and day. The algorithm includes your precise position through the application that accompanies it. This means that using the same lamp in Iceland in the winter at noon will give a color and type of light radically different from those of New York the same day and at the same time.

[Photo: Dyson]

LightCycle is also equipped with an ambient light sensor to take into account the amount of natural light already present in the room so as not to provide too much light and not to tire the eyes too much. The light of the lamp can be customized according to the user's tastes via the application, where you can specify predefined light types or create your own. Above all, you can also include your age. Due to the natural degradation of the retina due to age, older people tend to need more light to clearly see the same object. The task light will adjust once again to make sure you have enough light to carry out the activity you are doing, depending on your age.

All this carefully calibrated lighting will cost you: the light of the task costs 600 USD and the version of the lamp at 800 USD, which is comparable to a high-end lighting but much more expensive than the intelligent lighting that you can buy at Ikea or Target. Even so, the technology inside the lamp, which includes a smart heat sink mechanism to dissipate the heat of the LEDs so that they do not degrade, has been designed to last 60 years. This means that, theoretically, you would never need another task. lamp. But if you prefer not to spend $ 600 for more natural light, you can still spend more time outdoors.

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