The new beta application of Twitter offers threaded answers, and it's good


In October, The edge reported on new conversation features on Twitter to promote more user-friendly interactions on an often hostile site. Some of these features are increasingly available, but only in twttr, a new public beta app used by the company to test new features for the general public. The edge Tuesday, and spent the last hours reading and posting answers using the new thread features of the app.

The basic idea of ​​October is always the same. In Twitter's flagship application, the answers appear in a chaotic clutter. On twttr, responses are treated in a familiar way to Reddit users. The more users interact with a tweet, the more the answers are set back, which gives the conversation a better visual hierarchy. The original tweeter's responses are shaded in black rather than in blue from the other answers, which gives them extra weight.

Another noticeable change in this design is the decision to remove the design engagement accounts. You will not know how many "likes" or "retweets" an answer has got unless you support it, a step that most users will never go through. The idea is to avoid rewarding people who attack each other with zingers, as is the case for a more visible commitment.

Finally, the new design masks some answers under a "Show more" button. according to TechCrunchThis will mostly hide conversations that attempt to hijack an original thread by modifying the topic but continuing to include the original tweeter. I am still exploring this aspect of design, but it is a laudable goal.

I would love to tell you that this new design changes everything with regards to the Twitter experience, but in my experience so far, the impact seems lessened. Visual design seems like a good first effort, but lacks finishing. The font used for the replies is considerably smaller than that of the original tweet, which may cause some eye-popping in older users. It also creates more work on the part of the original tweeter – to like or respond to an answer, you have to tap on it individually. In the main application, you can simply scroll the screen down and quickly, as for any good answer.

On the other hand, the new design makes it much easier Lily conversations for everyone. Twitter has some amazing interactions – which may be missing this exchange between millionaire Drake and millionaire T. Boone Pickens – but they are often overshadowed by the glut of replies received from accounts with numerous subscribers. One of the advantages of combined responses is that they can elevate the most vivid or most remarkable parts of the cat over the noise.

Twitter indicates that it will continue to test new features in twttr in order to gather feedback before posting major changes globally. As great new features come along, we'll test them and let you know The edge.


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