The new devices of the Facebook portal are launched this year


New versions of the smart speakers on the Facebook portal welcome page will be released this year, while the first-generation models launched in November 2018 will be released from the United States. The Portal product line is the social network's attempt to conquer a segment of the smart home speaker market, where competition from Amazon and Google is fierce. Gadget's take on Facebook is very camera-centric and allows users to make encrypted video calls via Messenger, while Portal's camera follows them.

Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, vice president of Facebook for AR / VR at the Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, announced that the next generation portal speakers would come "this fall". "New form factors" will also be available, Bosworth said, but did not say what it meant. "The material arrives at home and we want to make sure that the human connection, the connection between two people, is a leading experience on this material," Bosworth added.

One of the distinctive features of the product being the camera tracking, it is not going anywhere, but the new models could make it even more important. According to rumors in recent months, Facebook could use a device much smaller than the portals of the first generation, can be connected to a camera, can be connected to a TV. This will also make the device cheaper and allow people to use their TV as a smart screen.

The success of Facebook Portal has been called into question since the company announced it. In the aftermath of some major privacy scandals over the past two years, it's no exaggeration to doubt the presence of a Facebook branded tracking camera. However, at the conference in Scottsdale, the company assured that Portal's first generation of smart speakers was selling "very well," although this claim does not rely on official numbers.


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