The new features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android Pie


Some Samsung Galaxy S9 devices already enjoy the benefits of Android Pie thanks to its beta program. It also gives us an idea of ​​what happens to these devices before the final software update is ready. We are now receiving information that will bring more perfect images captured by the S9 camera.

Among the features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will get with the software update of Android 9 Pie, we find the screen optimizer and the detection of defects. These features will enhance your device's camera by automatically selecting the best color and tone settings for 20 different types of occasions and noting that something may have ruined your shot. Scene Optimizer is the responsible feature of the color and tone selection, although it still needs some corrections in the note 9. Fault Detection is the feature that tells you if the image is blurry, if someone blinks or if anything could ruin a perfect image. This feature already works very well on Note 9, so we do not expect to encounter any problems on the S9.

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